September 15, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 16

What a week! I was really dreading today's weigh-in all week long.

I had a great weigh-in last week (I'd lost 3.6 pounds) and I was excited to go into the new week that much lighter. As I've mentioned before, I weigh myself every morning (I know daily weighing isn't helpful for a lot of people, but I don't let it make or break my day; I just like to see how my food/lifestyle affects my weight). When I got on the scale on Thursday, my weight was up a pound. No big deal.

On Friday, it was up another pound. That was unusual for me--I hadn't overeaten or done anything out of the ordinary. And of course, we celebrated Jerry's birthday on Friday. I didn't let my weight stop me from eating a large slice of the German chocolate cake I'd slaved over! I knew that I hadn't done anything to cause the gain, so I just assumed it would work itself out eventually. And I was pretty sure that after indulging in Jerry's birthday dinner, I was going to see another gain on Saturday.

Sure enough, on Saturday morning, it was up another 2.4 pounds! This was definitely not "normal" for me--I'm used to the ups and downs, but for it to keep going up when I was eating like I always do was very odd.

Interestingly, I was down to 166 on Sunday; then Monday it was back up to 167.4. Yesterday, it was at 165.8. I really didn't want to have a gain for Wednesday Weigh-In... whenever I've gained weight, it's clear what caused it. A binge back in the day would have made me gain five pounds overnight. (It's been a VERY long time since I binged.)

Yesterday, I drank a TON of water. I'd been feeling "puffy" all week--my hands seemed just a little swollen. I didn't feel dehydrated, but I hoped that drinking all the water would help get rid of the puffiness. I ate a normal amount of calories yesterday (a little over 1500) but I ate a small volume of food (when I want to get enough calories but eat a small amount of food and still feel full, I choose calorie-dense things like peanut butter).

And it worked! Barely, but I managed to lose a little this week:

I was at 163.8, which is down from 164.2 last week; a loss of 0.4 pounds, and a total of 33.2 pounds since I started 16 weeks ago.

I'm happy to have had a loss on the scale, especially since I had such a significant loss last week! I'm still clueless as to what caused the four-pound gain. I didn't eat extra sodium, I didn't eat unusual foods, I wasn't noticeably dehydrated... it was just odd. But hopefully I won't have the same issue this week.

I did my Round 3 weigh-in with my 6-month DietBet today--and I won, of course! So I'm halfway through, and I've won each round so far. I'm actually already under the weight that I need to be in December when the DietBet ends! One of the things I like about this 6-month DietBet is that I still have to be at or under my target (I forget what the target is--I think 170?) when the DietBet ends in December; that's to prevent people from losing all the weight quickly, and then gaining it all back before the 6 months is up.

I don't really feel like the DietBet is helpful anymore (it's not harming anything, either). It was a great tool to get me back on track and to start losing the weight, but I really don't even think about the DietBet until it's time to weigh-in each month. So this will be my last one.

Well, this week was a nail-biter (haha) but I'm happy to see a loss on the scale. I feel good going into this week :)

(Since someone is bound to ask, here is a recent post about how I've been losing the weight over the last four months.)

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