September 02, 2021

Return to Running Recap : Week 14

Duck insisted on being in this picture. As soon as he hears me stop the treadmill, he comes running in and hops on. While I was trying to take a picture, he started stepping on the incline buttons while he tried to turn around, so the bed of the treadmill moving up. At least he didn't hit the speed buttons!

As I mentioned last week, I was thinking of adding some sort of speed work once a week to see if it will speed up progress on my heart rate training. I haven't decided on any sort of speed work pattern, but I'll just do whatever type of workout I feel like doing on that day.

I chose to do intervals again for my first workout of Week 14...

Week 14, Day 1 : 7 x (run 4 minutes easy, run 1 minute hard)

When I ran intervals last week, my heart rate didn't go up as high as I would have liked during the harder intervals, so I decided to bump it up higher this week. Last week I did the easy running at 5.0 mph and the hard at 6.0. I don't think the 6.0 was hard enough for short intervals like that (just 1 minute each).

This time, I did the same workout, but I changed the speed for the hard intervals. The first one, I did at 6.5--and it felt too easy. I did 6.6 for the second. Still not hard enough. I tried 6.7 for the third, and that felt about right. I still felt it was probably not going to get my heart rate high enough, but I think that I'm going to have to do longer intervals to get my heart rate in the high 160's-low 170's.

I decided that I would stay at 6.7 for each interval and then for the last one, I'd try 7.0 mph. The 6.7 wasn't horrible, so I figured 7.0 would be tough, but I would feel good when I finished that.

As soon as my Garmin signaled the final interval, I pressed the button and within about five seconds, I was dying. I felt like my legs couldn't go fast enough to even keep up! It was awful--I kept reminding myself that it was only 60 seconds, I could do it. But it felt like forever and I was thisclose to pushing the stop button. I couldn't believe how much harder it felt than 6.7--what the heck!

THEN, right as I hit the stop button, I realized what I did. I hit the 8.0 mph button instead of 7.0 mph. So I ran for a full minute at 8.0 mph--it was horrible! Hahaha, but I felt pretty proud that I managed to do it (even if I did pee just a little toward the end from all the jarring that my body wasn't ready for).

I knew my heart rate wasn't going to be what I'd hoped, but that just helps me to plan for the next speed work. I know that I need to increase the length of the intervals to get my heart rate up close to 170. Or run at 8.5 mph, and there is no way in hell that is happening.

My interval splits were: 152, 155, 156, 158, 157, 158, 164.

Even with my misfortune of running way faster than I intended for that last interval, I felt pretty good!

Week 14, Day 2: Run 3 miles at 5.0 mph

I simply set my treadmill at 5.0 mph and read my book while I ran. My effort didn't feel too hard, but my throat was SO dry--I tried swallowing, but it felt like razorblades in my throat. I know I should drink more water before running. I actually haven't been drinking nearly as much water as I used to.

I was hopeful that my heart rate would show that my effort wasn't too hard (I was very surprised when I saw how high it was). Maybe because of being dehydrated? I don't know. Just another thing to really pay attention to. Average heart rate was 149 bpm. (Remember, my goal is to stay in Zone 2 for the entire run--hopefully someday!)

Week 14, Day 3: Run 3 miles at 5.0 mph

I was feeling unusually energetic for some reason. My previous run was only the day before, which isn't ideal, but I definitely didn't feel exhausted. However, I could feel that my heart rate was high before I even started. Every time I decide to run, I can feel my heart rate increase--and then the more I think about it, the higher it gets. I need to chill ;) 

Again, I felt pretty good throughout the run. My throat wasn't dry, thankfully. Nothing really notable to say about it. Average heart rate was 146 bpm. 

Tomorrow I'll do my speed work for Week 15. I'll probably do intervals again; if not, then a moderately-hard tempo run. I always feel good after tempo runs!


  1. I continue to be impressed with your steady progress! Good work.

  2. I have short legs, so I'd probably fly off the back and hit the wall if I was running at 8! Keep up the good work, proud of you!

  3. I have short legs so I would probably fly off the back and hit the wall if I ran at 8mph! And a minute of that? My heart would just stop!


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