September 10, 2021

Friday Night Photos

I have a lot of pet photos this week... but also a picture of my secret project for Jerry's birthday! (I'm saving it for last)

My neighbor pointed out to me that we actually have a peach tree growing across the street on the side of the dike. The other side of the dike is a marsh, so I was surprised when I walked over there and saw that there was, in fact, a peach tree. And look at these peaches! They are absolutely tiny (about the size of an apricot) but they are perfectly ripe. (Definitely not the same as the Georgia peaches I had recently, but it's fun to have mini peaches across the street.)

My mom fell and broke her wrist a couple of days ago. She actually had surgery on it today. She wanted me to curl her hair for her (she can't use her right hand at all) so I went over this morning. When I was leaving, my dad told me to pick some raspberries because there are so many that will go bad soon. I stopped and picked a cup full of them--they are so good!

I swear, the kittens were snorting lines of coke at 8:00 this morning. I've NEVER seen them so hyper! They were chasing each other around the house for an hour and a half. I put the treadmill up because they kept going under there to jump out and scare each other; then they used it as a jungle gym. Watching the kittens is super entertaining!

We finally ordered a new cat scratcher/bed from Amazon. The one on the right is our old one--yikes! We got it three years ago. This brand is kind of expensive, but after trying cheaper ones I think it's worth it because they last a lot longer. The one on the right was $50 and I was planning to replace it with the same model. Chick loves climbing through those holes, but he's almost too big to fit through them.

So, I paid $80 for the bigger one (on the left). I'm glad I chose to do that--it's big enough for all four cats to sleep on at once (if they liked each other enough, haha). And they can scratch the inside as well as the outside. The brand is PetFusion, and here is a link (affiliate) to it on Amazon. My cats LOVE these scratching beds--they sleep on them as well as use them to scratch (obviously). It's kind of an eyesore to keep in the living room, but if it keeps them from scratching my furniture, I don't mind at all ;)  (And yes, I'm going to get rid of the old one.)

Naturally, the kittens were playing on it the second I took it out of the box.

I gave Joey a bath outside yesterday and I really wish I'd thought to take a before photo. He didn't look dirty or anything, but after his bath, I realized what a big difference it made in his coat--he looks so pretty now! He went NUTS after bathed him. The second I was done, he took off running as fast as he could and ran a couple of laps around the outside of the house. It was hilarious to watch him. I guess he felt invigorated.

I just finished this book and it was really good! It's called 'Invisible Girl' by Lisa Jewell. The waiting list at the library was kind of long for it, but I wasn't in a rush for it. Once I got into it, though, it definitely held my interest. If you like mysteries/psychological thrillers, you may like this one. I am usually good at figuring out the "mystery" part early on, but this one kept me guessing. Here is the Amazon (affiliate) link.

Duck cracks me up because this is how he likes to be carried around. And he especially likes Eli to do it. He just sits there so calmly, with his back legs dangling while Eli carries him around. It's so funny!

And meanwhile, his brother found a new sleeping position...

Chick LOVES getting packages from Amazon; he plays in the boxes (nothing new for cats) but he especially loves playing with the packing materials. He likes to crouch down in the box buried under the bubbles, then he jumps out at anything walking by. He scared me half to death several times by jumping out at me!

And finally... Jerry's birthday! His actual birthday isn't until the 14th, but he is working that day, so we're celebrating today. I mentioned earlier this week about a "secret project" I was working on for Jerry's birthday. Well, here it is!

If you've been reading my blog for any period of time, then you are probably familiar with "the Jerry face"--Jerry makes this face pretty much every time his photo is taken. He's known for it! So I texted our family and friends and asked them to take a Jerry-face selfie and send it to me for a collage. I had the photos printed and I built the collage out of wood. I put it up on the wall last night when he was at work so that he would see it first thing this morning when he got home.

He LOVES it. He said that especially after 2020 lockdown and not seeing people, it made him miss everybody.

I thought it was so cute seeing him standing in front of it a few times today, looking at all the pictures. He said he was deciding who makes the best Jerry face, haha. 

It was really fun to work on, and I love how it turned out; I'm going to write a tutorial soon. I thought the project would be easier than it actually was. But it was definitely worth it!


  1. The “Jerry Face” project is SUPER CUTE! Awesome gift.

  2. That picture project turned out awesome!

  3. Your pets are so lucky you guys adopted them. Yesterday I saw the neighbor walking his little dog on a leash and there was a cat following him. like take me home with you. People drop off unwanted cats in our little town and it drives me nuts! We can't have a cat because my husband is so allergic to them, but I rescued 2 and found them a home. Cool idea, that Jerry face collage!

  4. That is such a fun gift idea! Happy early birthday to Jerry!

  5. I adore your black cats! So cute. We are currently cat-less, but our two Bulldogs keep us pretty busy. The Jerry Face project is great. How old is he now?

  6. Happy almost birthday, Jerry! What a cool project.

  7. That is a beautiful, thoughtful, and loving gift for Jerry. Great idea and good job!

  8. An early Happy Birthday to Jerry! Woo Hoo! I love the "Jerry Face" project too, Katie -- it is most awesomatious!

  9. That was an awesomely original birthday gift! Happy birthday to Jerry

  10. I read a couple of your last book that you shared, so I'll this one to my list too!


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