September 27, 2021

My Fall "To Do" List

Since I let summer escape so quickly--did it even happen?--I want to make some sort of loose plan for fall so that I don't wake up and realize it's winter and I haven't even taken advantage of fall yet!

As you know, I love making lists; I decided to write one for things I'd like to do this fall. This isn't a "must do" list, but rather a way to keep ideas at the front of my mind. Now that I have a working printer, I'm going to print out this list and hang it on the refrigerator so that I see it every day. I'm so forgetful! I need a reminder for just about everything.

So here goes... my fall "to do" list:

1. Go on a date night with Jerry. (In the photo below, I don't know what movie we were there to see--October 2019--but that was the last time I was at the theater!)

2. Do a couple of fun woodwork projects. By "fun", I pretty much mean something for the cats. There are just so many cool things I want to make! Here are a couple (I don't have the correct sources for these pictures because I found them on Pinterest and Pinterest is notorious for linking to incorrect sites--super annoying--so if you happen to know who to give credit, I'd be happy to add it!):

The honeycomb jungle gym would be a fun challenge to make. I've never made anything with those angles before, so I'd have to learn some new techniques--something I love to do!

Aside from making things for the cats, I'd love to use up as much scrap wood as possible.

3. Complete the refinishing of the dining table and chairs set. It's a big task, but I know it'll be worth it when it's done. I'm just not looking forward to fixing the rungs on chairs. (After doing some research, I learned that you can't just dab a little wood glue into the holes--you have to remove the rungs completely and clean out the hole and the ends of the rung, then glue it back in.) It's going to be tedious. But rewarding!

4. Host a "newlywed game" with a few other couples. (We played a version of this up north at my sister's cabin, in honor of my parents' 50th wedding anniversary--it was so fun!)

5. Figure out a storage solution for all the shovels/rakes/brooms/etc in the garage. I've been wanting to do this for years! It's super simple, but I always tell myself that I'll do it later.

6. Deep clean the refrigerator and freezer.

7. Organize the coat closet and get rid of stuff we don't wear. That closet is neglected and I always forget about the stuff I have in there!

8. Organize all of my crafting stuff (and get rid of the stuff I won't use).

9. Put together a time capsule with the family. We have the time capsule, we just need to fill it!

10. Put some decor in my bedroom--the walls are super bare.

11. Carve pumpkins with the family before Halloween.

Jerry's hair! This was in 2017. I can't believe how much my kids have grown since then.

12. Get all of the pets into the vet for check-ups (COVID kind of screwed up the schedule to keep the pets up to date on everything, so we need to catch up)

13. Adjust our exterior side door--it doesn't line up like it should and it always drives me crazy.

14. Enjoy the weather! Sit outside on the deck, hang out in the garage with all the doors and windows open, go for family walks, etc. I planned to try to enjoy summer nights by sitting outside but it flew right past. Fall is my favorite time of year, so I want to take full advantage of that.

Okay, I think that's at least a good start! I just have to make myself do the not-so-fun things (like deep cleaning the refrigerator and freezer). Obviously, nobody is going to come along and tell me what I need to do and when, so I have to make a plan to get things done.


  1. Thats a solid list! I love having lists to organize my thoughts!

  2. Goodness you are ambitious! Can't wait to see the progress. Reminds me I need to clean up my office, still, forever.


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