September 13, 2021

Reader Email

I've had a super busy weekend! I had planned to write a post today about things that I eat (since a lot of people have been asking about it lately) but I haven't had time to look through my food logs and/or photos, so I will work on that this week.

My anxiety is still pretty high (just generalized anxiety; it's not something I can pinpoint) so I'm going to take today off of writing a post and just share some fun news from a blog reader. Check this out!

Hi Katie, 

I had to share our new kittens we adopted from a local rescue a month ago. They are such sweet girls: Chloe Bell (all black) and Evie Binks (black with white).

- Kim


Aren't they SO cute?! (Kim, I'm so glad that you chose to adopt from a rescue! And I love that you adopted them together. Enjoy these little sweeties--they grow so fast, don't they?)

Remember, I would love to post happy news from Runs for Cookies readers once in a while, so if any of you are excited about something and want to share your news, please do! Just email me. I'll never post anything without asking permission first. I just know how excited I get to share news sometimes, but not everybody has a blog to do that--so I'd be happy to share it for you ;)


  1. Adorable! And good for you, always shifting with the tide to do what works for you like making this a different post to help manage your anxiety. Leading by example. Thank you.

  2. I love that they are already parked right in front of her laptop! Lol!!


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