June 29, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #32

Happy Transformation Tuesday! I am thrilled that I have some fun transformations to share today. Please please please keep them coming :)

Life got in the way this year (we adopted a new dog!) and I really let my community garden plot get away from me. The weeds in the before picture were really out of control! I knew it had to be dealt with and I set aside an evening to work on things. The after picture is what I was able to accomplish after about 2 hrs of continuous solo work. I was satisfied with the transformation and it didn't take as long as I thought it would. I even managed to get some veggies planted!

- Jess

This is not the most exciting transformation for others, but for us it is SO exciting and well over do. We moved to Australia from the U.S. in 2010 and once we found our own place, we bought a secondhand fridge. It has been with us through 5 houses and 11 years. Well last week, the freezer stopped freezing. So of course this meant it was time to buy a brand new fridge!

- Sarah

I got this cast iron skillet for $8 at a yard sale. This is the first time I’ve restored one. I think it turned out well!

- Rebecca

Last year when COVID hit and lockdown started, we decided to redo a few things in our house. I'd hated our kitchen and bathroom since we moved in 4 years before, and our carpet was getting pretty gross after housebreaking 2 puppies (not to mention the mess the kids make!). I don't know what I was thinking, taking before pictures when our house was such a mess, but I did! I cleaned up for the "after" photos!

So what did we do? First we replaced our carpet with rigid vinyl flooring (with 2 little kids and 5 pets this was the best decision ever!). Then we knocked out half a wall between our living/dining room and kitchen, we put a backsplash and new counters in the kitchen, replaced the ceiling fans and light fixtures, and then painted the walls and trim. And then we also completely redid our bathroom - tiled the floor, put up a backsplash, new vanity, painted (twice...), and then also widened, tiled, and refitted the shower.

It took the entire summer (a family member helped us with most of it) and there are still a few fixtures that need to be replaced and some shelving and photos need to go up, but overall it's 100x better than it was before and much more "us".

- Christina

Jess, I'm amazed at what you were able to do in just a couple of hours. Wow! Pulling weeds is no fun at all--but what a huge difference it made. I hope your veggies grow nicely :)

Sarah, I completely understand how exciting something as simple as a new refrigerator can be. I was ridiculously giddy over a new vacuum cleaner, haha. The new fridge looks fancy! I hope you're enjoying it.

Rebecca, that skillet is one of my most favorite transformations I've seen. I LOVE that you saw the potential in it, that you recognized what a good bargain it was, and I can see you put some serious work into it. Now you have a brand new (to you) good quality cast iron skillet! You make me want to keep my eye out for a skillet to restore, haha.

Christina, holy smokes! Just reading the list of what you transformed is exhausting. You did a lot of the same things I did a few years ago, and believe me--I know how much work that is. It looks fantastic! I'm sure it feels like a brand new house. Enjoy :)

Thank you so much for sending these transformations! I look forward to seeing new transformations every week--so please, if you have a one that you'd be willing to share, just send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Don't forget to include your name and a description of the transformation!


  1. I love them all, but my fave is the cast iron skillet. Do you put oil in it, then bake it for a while, or is there a lot more to it than that?

  2. I love the house transformation, the open plan is so much nicer than closed in.


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