June 05, 2021

A Non-Post

Well, this is going to be a non-post... I have a headache and nothing I do seems to be helping. Also, I completely forgot about cooking a heritage recipe today! I picked up some groceries this morning, which would have been the perfect time to buy whatever ingredients I needed for a recipe, and I guess I just lost track of what day it is. (I hate these "non-posts" that I do sometimes, but if I skip days of writing on my blog, I'll get back in the habit of rarely writing--and I don't want that.)

Thankfully, I managed to get in my run this morning. I'll write more about that on Monday or Wednesday. I'm still working on Couch to 5K. Joey is as out of shape as I am--this is what he did as soon as we got back today (and it was only 20 minutes of run/walking):

Anyway, I am going to look through some recipes in the morning and hopefully make something tomorrow. 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I totally count this as a real-post post! :) You have info and you have a photograph of a pooped pup. Works for me!

  2. Did you hear that SparkPeople is shutting down in August? I only mention it because I think that is where I first 'met' you.


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