June 18, 2021

Friday Night Photos

Well, I wish I had more/better photos for today, but unfortunately, I have very slim pickin's on my camera roll for this week! But I do love Friday Night Photos, so here goes...

Little Duck makes me laugh so much--he's SO cute and funny! And I baby him terribly ;) But this was new for him--I was sitting on the couch reading a book and he stretched out as long as he could and slept like that for a good 30 minutes. I wanted to move, but I didn't dare. He is officially the largest cat in our house now.

I really want to do a post about "A Day in the Life of Little Duckling"--because he has a very interesting routine. Anyway, the cats always lounge on my bed in the evenings and I couldn't help laughing when I saw Duck like this. Jerry said he looks like a cartoon cat, hahaha...

When I saw the picture of Jerry disc golfing last week, I could have sworn I saw the same photo before. I looked through some old photos and found almost the exact same picture, only from 2009. I told him that aside from his weight, his form looks a little better ;)

I spent ALL MORNING and half of the afternoon like this in the garage. It was thundering and lightning, and I loved every second of it (I love thunderstorms). I'm glad I put the screens on the garage doors.

And what was I doing in the garage? Well, a whole lot of THIS. I finally updated my recipes page! It now has all of my recipes on there, including all of the heritage ones. I updated photos, too, because some of the photos on older recipes were really bad. Not that I'm much better at photography now, but at least I don't use the flash anymore! So, if you've never looked at my Recipes page, please do--I spent forever working on it ;)

The pain in my hands has been really bad in the mornings, especially if my hands are the slightest bit cold. A few days ago, I found myself wanting to knit some fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm while allowing my fingers to be free--but ironically, my hands hurt too much to be able to knit!

So, I decided to get creative with my sewing machine and serger and an old t-shirt. I LOVE how they turned out! I even got to try out a new stitch on my serger--the flatlock stitch. It's probably hard to see well in the photos, but the stitch goes across the base of my fingers. I took a bunch of pictures as I was making these because I think I may put together a pictorial.

Speaking of painful hands, I bought some new "skinny" water bottles. My favorite water bottle (made by Bubba) was painful to hold because it was wide. So I looked for some skinny ones and ended up buying these on Amazon (affiliate link). I chose the blue color because it looked like it may match my kitchen. I was a little stunned when I took them out of the box, because the color match is IDENTICAL. You can see the cupboard below--look at the shade of blue!

Anyway, I really like the new water bottles. They are much more comfortable. And I love using the stainless steel straw! (They have multi-color packs of bottles, but every one of them has a pink bottle in it--and I really don't want a pink one.)

(By the way, I had my follow-up appointment with the rheumatologist on Wednesday. She gave me a tentative diagnosis, but wants to do a couple more tests--including an x-ray of my hands. She also prescribed a medication for rheumatoid arthritis and depending on how my body reacts to that, it should give her more info. I'll write more when I find out more.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Katie, I’m glad you are starting to get some answers from the rheumatologist. I hope the medication helps.

  2. I love your Friday night photos posts. Especially the cat photos. Little Duck sounds like such a sweet boy. The hand warmers look awesome. You are so creative. Have you ever thought of starting an etsy shop? I'm sure you'd get lots of business!

  3. I've been crossing my fingers for an update on your rheumatologist appointment!
    Can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Hope you get some good news from the rheumy! Duck is hilarious! You know he's stretched out like that so he can inch closer to Estelle without her catching on! 😹 I'm totally impressed by all you do on your blog -- heading over to the recipes section now!

  5. I really love your garage! Those screens make it. And good work on the fingerless gloves. I bought a pair a friend had knitted and they are fabulous. Sending all the good vibes for the rheumatologist too.

  6. If you have any pain in your hands from doing computer stuff, I highly recommend getting an ergonomic mouse. The one I have is slanted so that the buttons are on the side, which is SO MUCH more comfortable for my hands and wrists.


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