June 15, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #31

It's Tuesday--which means transformation time! I have some fun transformations to share today--including a couple of cleaning/organizing ones. I love those transformations because cleaning/organizing costs nothing, but it makes such a HUGE difference! Whether it's a whole house or just a single junk drawer, organizing can make something feel brand new.


This one is pretty embarrassing to send over. We really let the basement get away from us. You can barely see there’s a pool table under there! A couple weekends ago my husband and I both took off and dedicated ourselves to cleaning this mess up. The basement itself needs updating but I’m very proud of our cleaning! Now to keep on top of it!

- Amanda, Wisconsin

This was our living room when we first moved in to our house. We love the natural light throughout our house and felt like the dark brown wall was a bit too dark and plain. We also felt like the fireplace surround was out of date.  My boyfriend did the planking on the wall with planks from the hardware store.  I did the mantle, which required some sanding, priming, and painting.  We love the way it turned out! It helps keep our room so light and I love the grey tones.  The “after” photo also includes our pups who have joined the family since the feature wall was done.

- Sara, Illinois

I hadn’t had my hair cut in 2 years. It was getting harder and harder to comb, making it take forever in the morning to get ready for work. I had my coworker to take a before picture and made an appointment to get a real haircut. It feels SO much better and lighter plus it’s easier to take care of.

Amanda, West Virginia

Another change in the cottage was the kitchen. I wanted to do something nice for my grandma, she’s 92 and her favourite color is purple. The cabinets were old and had very rustic hinges, knobs - I changed it all out for faux crystal knobs. Lots of sanding, repainting and updating. I added a crystal light fixture too - trying to be elegant on a budget!

- Lindsay Sue

In January 2018, we took in a lot of tools and other garage stored stuff from my father-in-law’s house. We gradually purged, sold, and reorganized, but my vehicle lived outside from then until October 2020. When my husband took a lot of gear and a 4-wheeler to deer camp for the season, I took matters into my own hands and reorganized and consolidated things to make room for the car. This year, we had a shop built, so many items relocated there, but half of the the garage was still pretty disorganized, and my husband’s fishing boat remained in the yard. Today, we did some measuring and cleaned out the garage to give the boat a new indoor home! We are both so pleased with the new setup!


Amanda, we have ALL been there at some point with a room that just gets out of control ;) It looks fantastic! Doesn't it feel so nice to go down there and see such a clean room? Something about a clean room makes my mood instantly brighter.

Sara, the wall looks so elegant! I love love love the planking (and with lumber prices today, you just increased the value of your home by approximately $1 million). You both did a great job!

Amanda, your hair is GORGEOUS! I'm tempted all the time to cut mine off, but I'm always afraid it will make me look older--but your cut makes you look younger. Very cute!

Lindsay Sue, the knobs change the look of that whole kitchen--wow! The pink walls and the white trim on the stairs brightens the whole place up. I love seeing the transformation of your cottage step by step!

Jeanna, I can certainly empathize! Haha, we have a big garage but it's out only storage--so we have a LOT of stuff in there. Certainly no room for cars ;) You did an amazing job organizing--I know how hard that is to do when you're trying to find storage for your storage! I bet it feels great to be able to park your car in there and I'm sure your husband is glad to have his boat in there as well.

Thank you so much for sharing! Please continue to send me your transformations so I can keep posting them :)  To submit a transformation, just email a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Don't forget to include your name and a description of your transformation!

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  1. Great transformations this week! Thank you for making me feel better about my horrendous basement! :) And yes, it does feel amazing to go downstairs to such a clean space!! That's motivation enough right there to never let that mess happen again!


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