June 25, 2021

Friday Night Photos

I could have sworn I took all kinds of pictures this week, but going through my camera roll shows that I actually have very few, unfortunately. Noah and Eli were up north and Jerry had three of those days off work, so it was fun to spend time together--we didn't do anything special, but it was interesting to hang out in such a quiet house!

When I began working on Eli's room, the first thing I did was pull everything out of the closet. I wanted to clean the floors really well because I was sure they were loaded with dog hair (Joey spends most of his time in Eli's room). That led to finding a place for things that didn't belong and then--long story short--I rearranged his bedroom furniture, removing his desk (he never sat there--it only collected clutter) and putting a nightstand in there. Jerry helped me work on it the second day.

The kids got home today and when Eli walked into his room, I heard him say, "Holy crap!" I asked what he thought (and told him we have his desk in the garage if he wants it back) and he said he LOVES how it looks now. I wish I had before and after pictures, but I wasn't planning on this being that sort of project! 

Anyway, here are a few pictures that I did take this week...

My cousin Shannon saw a picture on Facebook of a baby wearing crocheted flip-flops and she asked me if I could make a couple of pairs of them for her friends' babies. There was a link to the pattern (I didn't want to have to design something myself because I get perfectionistic and stress about it!) so I said sure. I don't have a picture of them on the babies' feet, but they turned out cute and hopefully they fit!

A few hours after the boys left to go up north, Eli sent me a short video--they'd came upon a car that was on fire! They got there right when it happened (no police were there yet) so Noah pulled over and asked if anyone needed help. The driver managed to get out okay and said there was no one else in there. The police arrived and then Eli took the video as they were driving away. This is just a screenshot.

This may not look like much, but when I tell you how it happened, you might get the heebie jeebies like Jerry did, haha. I was shaving my legs in the shower and I was in a hurry--moving the razor really quickly--and I don't know how it happened, but the razor caught my nail. I felt it catch, but no instant pain, so I kept saying, "Oh no oh no oh no" while I was trying to see it in the shower. I just hoped it didn't cut through the nail.

Well, it had. It sliced into the nail and pulled down toward the edge, but didn't pull the nail off. After that, I was SO scared of getting it caught on something! I cut it as short as possible. When I was trying to pull my hair up, I felt my nail catch on my hair and it hurt like a mother. So I tried glueing it down with "liquid bandaid" (which is essentially superglue) and that helped a little. But the next day, it caught again. Eventually, that whole section of nail was pulled right off. So now I have a big chunk of missing fingernail. (This picture is right after it happened)

On Sunday, I went to my parents' house to bring my dad his pecan pie for Father's Day. Luke and Riley were over there so I hung out for a bit. Luke wanted to show me where he picked cherries (my parents have a cherry tree). He told me they were sour cherries but we could eat them. So we picked a few that looked ripe and then Riley wanted to pick some, too. They asked what we were going to do with the cherries and I said we could make a smoothie. So we looked around my parents' kitchen for things to throw into the blender--cherries, strawberries, milk, chocolate chips...

It was funny--I suggested we put a few chocolate chips in there, but when I looked in the drawer where I thought they'd be, all they had were butterscotch chips and white chocolate chips. When I told Luke, he said, "No, they aren't in that drawer. They're in the drawer underneath." And sure enough, they were! Haha, he knows my parents' kitchen better than I do now. The smoothie turned out to be delicious!

Speaking of blenders, this blender full of stuff is going to be the heritage recipe that I post tomorrow. It's called Blender Carrot Bread. And it turned out to be delicious!

On Wednesday, I (AGAIN) ran quite a bit more than I had to for the Couch to 5K plan because I forgot to turn off my GPS for the treadmill. (When the GPS is turned on while I run on the treadmill, the distance on my Garmin will always read "0.0" because the GPS location never moves.) Even though the Garmin shows the incorrect distance on a treadmill, it's not off by a huge number--so I still use it to set up my workouts. It was set to switch to walking mode after 0.5 miles.

Well, I'd run 0.6-ish miles and my Garmin still hadn't beeped to signal me to begin walking. I looked down and sure enough, I'd forgotten to turn off the GPS. (I did that last week and I swore it would never happen again.) I could have just skipped the first interval after resetting the Garmin, but I didn't want to do that. So, before starting over and running it again, I wrote myself a note and taped it to the treadmill--"TURN OFF GPS!!!" Now, I'm sure, it won't happen again.

Tomorrow, I'm going to my brother Brian's house for a 4th of July get-together. He's going to put on an enormous fireworks show (he spent some time last year getting licensed/certified to use these particular fireworks; when Brian does something like this, he goes all out). Last year's show was amazing, and it's hard to believe it could be any better, but I'm sure it will. I'm really excited to go!

Have a great weekend!

Oh! Thank you for the well-wishes for my dad. After all was said and done, we got really good news from his surgeon. Before his procedure, he was told that the blockages in his blood vessels were pretty bad but they wouldn't know just how bad until they "went in there" (he had a cardiac catheterization). The doctor said that he was pretty sure my dad was going to need bypass surgery. After the catheterization, his surgeon said that he was able to complete everything during the procedure--so he wouldn't need bypass surgery. Very good news! 

However, he said that my dad's LAD artery was almost completely blocked--which is pretty much the worst case scenario. If you've ever heard of a "widow-maker heart attack", well, it's caused when the LAD artery is blocked. The doctor said that if he'd waited much longer, he would have had a heart attack and it would have been fatal. So scary! I'm so glad that they were able to repair with angioplasty/stenting.

I always thought of my dad as being low-risk for a heart attack--he's never been overweight, doesn't drink or smoke, and gets plenty of exercise. His diet, on the other hand, could definitely use some work. Hopefully this scared him into making some changes!


  1. There's a ton to love about this post, but I'm so happy to hear about your Dad. Ed had the "widowmaker" blocked and had a heart attack last year. He did have to have open heart surgery so I'm really happy your dad missed that "lovely" adventure. It's amazing what they can do with the heart cath procedure. Sending him all the good healing vibes for a long, healthy life.

  2. So glad for the good news about your dad!

  3. OMG! I did the same thing to my nail in the shower while shaving. I cut it a lot deeper and ending up going to a nail salon to have them put a "fake nail" on to protect it until it grew out. It was about $10 to have them do it - but it saved a lot of pain moving forward. I let it grow out and cut it off.


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