June 02, 2021

Hide and Seek

I have had such a busy (but fun) day. This morning, I went to my mom's house, and my Aunt Mickey joined us. We went through old photos and my mom and aunt told me stories about my family (since I started the heritage recipes series, I've gotten really interested in learning about my grandparents and even a generation or two older--it's so interesting!).

My Aunt Mickey had some really amazing photos of when my grandmother was a little girl--they were taken on a farm, where I believe my grandma was visiting her grandparents. It's so cool to see what everything looked like back then! There are some photos of a couple dozen men building a barn--there are piles of trees that they'd milled into the lumber to construct the barn--and it's mind-blowing. I'm going to take photos of the photos so I can share some of them, but I will save that for another day.

Almost as soon as I got home from my mom's, I went to Brian and Becky's house to babysit Luke and Riley. Brian was on a trip and Becky had an appointment, so I volunteered to go over and sit with the kids (although, with a 2- and 4-year old, there is never much "sitting"!). Eli came with me so that he could fish behind their house.

Jerry stopped by there for a little while before going to work and we played hide-and-seek with the kids. Luke and I hid together while Jerry and Riley came to find us, and then vice versa. I think Jerry and I had as much fun as the kids did! Here is a photo of Luke and I hiding under this big spongy pillow-thing:

That's all I'm going to write for today. Little kids are so exhausting! But so cute. And man, they grow up too fast. Anyway, I want to veg with my book and then go to bed.

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  1. What an awesomatious aunt and uncle you and Jerry are! I know the kids are going to remember doing such fun things with you. So glad you're getting the chance to get some of the family stories and history with your mom and aunt too. I miss being able to do that -- I definitely should have taken notes or taped the conversations, because I know I've forgotten things.


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