April 27, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #24

Thank you for the kind comments on yesterday's post! I stayed true to my word and I started the Couch to 5K again today. Hopefully I can stay injury-free and finally finish it. I'm sorry that a lot of you are struggling with weight, too--lockdown/quarantine seems to have taken a toll on so many people as far as weight goes!

Anyway, I have some fun transformations to share for Transformation Tuesday... enjoy :)

We're wrapping up school holidays here in Australia which means the last 2 weeks have been packed full of decluttering, organising and this time, very big projects. We decided to completely redo the front yard. We are not great at maintaining gardens so we needed something low maintenance. My boyfriend and I completed the project ourselves and we love the feeling of accomplishment in the end and I am in love with the results!!

- Sarah

I finally remembered to take an after picture of our entryway transformation--we stripped down the (in my opinion) unattractive wallpaper that was in the entry way and repainted! It was a little bit of a struggle with the high walls (we live in a bi-level) but having a 6’4” husband helps! ;)

- Amanda, Wisconsin, newly appointed wallpaper remover master

I am obsessed with pumpkins and grow as many as possible. After a year of living in a San Francisco apartment, my husband and I moved to Colorado last May and I had pumpkin seeds in the ground within days of our arrival. Exactly one month went by between these two photos (late June through late July). In retrospect the plants were actually too close together, I was just so excited to have as many as possible!

- Amy

Sarah, you have such a nice looking house--I can't believe it was hiding back there! What a huge difference. It must feel so good to have that done. I'm dreading our landscaping reno this year. But that picture is inspiring!

Amanda, the new color looks fantastic--I love the updated look! Isn't it awesome how something as simple as paint color can change something so drastically?

Amy, I am stunned that there is only a month's difference in those photos--I had no idea that pumpkins grew like that! My dad has grown some, but only a few at a time. I'm curious what you do with them when they are ready to pick! I see a lot of signs for pumpkins for sale around here in the fall, so I imagine people just enjoy growing them. Fun!

Thank you so much for sharing the transformations! And please, Friends, keep them coming. I love this series and the only way to continue it is if you send me your transformations. To submit a transformation, just email a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include your name and a description of the transformation. Remember, it can be before and after photos of anything!

Also, I am looking for more people to share their stories for my "COVID Diaries" guest posts. If COVID has affected you closely in some way (whether your job deals with working closely with COVID patients, or you or a loved one was very ill from the virus, or something else), please send me an email. Reading the stories from people who have been heavily affected by COVID is eye-opening for those of us that haven't had that experience. So, if you feel comfortable sharing, please do!

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  1. Amazing transformations! Thank you for sharing mine and the kind words! The landscaping renovation is amazing! Such a difference! And I also had no idea pumpkins grew that fast! That's so fun!


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