November 09, 2020

Where did my crafting skill go?!

Whew! Here it is, after 11:00 pm, and I just now came in from the garage. I'd been dying to make something out there because the weather has been gorgeous and I love working in there with the doors open.

When my sister asked me if I could make some scrub caps for her, she sent me a picture (from the front) of what she needed. I found a scrub cap pattern and yesterday after my walk, I started carrying everything from my house to my garage. My sewing machine, serger, a huge box of fabric, a chest of all my sewing supplies, iron and ironing board, etc.

I set up a table in the garage with my sewing machine and the staple supplies around me. I printed out the pattern and got to work.

It was actually pretty fun to make! I was really excited to be able to make my own bias tape. I bought some little gadgets that you feed strips of fabric into and then you iron it as it comes out the other end, making perfect bias tape.

My sister loves her dogs, so I chose two fabrics that I thought would work well together--one with little bones and the other with little paw prints. By the time I had moved everything out there, got it all set up, and actually sewed the scrub cap, it had been over five hours!

I took a couple of quick pictures to send to Jeanie to make sure it was what she wanted before I started making some more.

And then I learned that she needs the caps where her hair is covered, too! It hadn't even occurred to me. I didn't see the back of her cap in her photo. So, the one that I made can't be used.

I went inside and started searching online for a good cap with ponytail holder and I couldn't find anything that looked like what she had described. It seemed like it would be such an easy pattern to just make up as I go along, but for the life of me, I couldn't do it.

Today, I was determined to try again. After much searching, I found a pattern that looked decent and I printed it out. I cut out the pieces and then that's where everything went to shit. The pattern directions and diagrams were terrible! I tried for a few hours and then I just gave up. I told Jeanie I am so sorry, but I can't do it.

My friend/reader Gail made one that looks perfect for what Jeanie wants, so I'm hoping to try her pattern! Maybe I'll have better luck.

I was still really wanting to make something today and when Jerry left for work, I was browsing Pinterest looking for ideas. I was feeling totally uninspired. 

I went out to the garage and decided to do something with a huge piece of plywood that's been sitting in there--the plywood looks terrible, so I wasn't sure what to use it for. I figured I could build something with it and then cover it with fabric. Jerry mentioned making an ottoman and I liked that idea. I'd seen somewhere a picture of an ottoman with a hole in the side for a cat to climb in, so I wanted to make a version of that.

I measured a cheap ottoman that we have so I knew what size to make (I added an inch to make it a little bigger for the cats). I started working on it at around 5:45 and I came in the house at just before 11 pm! 

I cut down the plywood on the table saw, glued and pocket hole screwed the pieces together into a cube. I used the jigsaw to cut out the shape of a cat's head in one side. I lined the entire inside and outside with an old fleece blanket, and then I used a gray canvas fabric to cover the outside. (I have SO MUCH of this gray canvas... I'd bought it to reupholster a couch, and we all know how that went.)

Well, I didn't have much luck with the ottoman, either. I made it too tall to comfortably rest your legs. It feels very lumpy from all the fabric. The blanket I'd used for the inside was stained here and there, and I wasn't worried about it because I didn't think it'd be visible. Well, it is. And there are staples visible all over.

Oh, well. If nothing else, the cats can play in it until they lose interest. I only used scrap materials, so it's not a big loss. And it kept me very busy!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. You might could make some cutting boards and give them as Christmas gifts!


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