November 19, 2020

Making Stupid Bets Over TriBond

Gah! I don't know what is wrong with me. Obviously I'm bipolar, but these mood shifts are happening so quickly. Much more than usual. I felt on top of the world after Brian and Becky sold us their car a couple of days ago--everything just seemed to be falling into place.

And then after the problems I had with the serger yesterday, I just went into this mood where I wanted to quit everything... sell all of my sewing stuff, my knitting/crocheting stuff, my woodworking stuff, etc. All of my hobbies, basically!

(Yes, I know that's a huge overreaction, but that's a part of me being me.)

I feel like I've been in a rut lately as far as projects go (I want to work on something... badly!). Michigan went on "lockdown" again yesterday and I want something to look forward to working on every day. When I was remodeling the house and then the garage, I felt so excited to put on my work clothes (basically just pants and shirts stained with paint) and get to work.

It was something I really, truly, looked forward to!

The last few things I've attempted to work on have been futile and have left me feeling like something is missing. I started a small project today and we'll see if that works out. But it's nothing big. It's just another attempt at an ottoman, only much smaller and with a little spot for the cats to sleep underneath if they want (of course they will). 

This is what it looks like now, but I'm going to paint it and then add a cushion on top for feet and a cushion on the bottom for the cats.

When we went to Brian and Becky's a couple of days ago to pick up the car, it was time for us to leave and I was saying good-bye to Riley. She asked me if Uncle Jerry was going good-bye too, and it was so heart-melting when I had to tell her he wasn't staying! So we arranged to have Luke and Riley stay the night tomorrow night.

My mom really wanted them to stay at her house, however, so I said I'll just pick another time. I'm bummed, but it was super fun to see them the past couple of days! I miss having little kids around. Planning on having them over will give me something to look forward to. I definitely need it.

This afternoon, Jerry and played one of the games I bought at Goodwill... it's called TriBond (Amazon affiliate link). Basically, there are cards that lists three items and you have to decide what they have in common/how they are related.

At one point, we decided to make a bet. Before looking at the card, I said that if I guess it correctly, he would have to dust the window blinds this weekend (something I despise doing!). And he said if I guessed incorrectly, I would have to... ahem... perform a sexual favor. Typical! ;)

The three items listed were: chinchillas, jerboas, and marmots.

I had NO CLUE what the jerboas and marmots were. I could kind of picture a chinchilla, but I really don't know anything about them. Just before my time was up, I guessed that they were rodents. And I was correct! Hahaha! So, Jerry will be dusting the blinds this weekend :)

The game is so much harder than I thought it would be and I'm terrible at it! Jerry, however, is the MASTER of trivia. Seriously, you don't ever want to play against him because he knows the most random and ridiculous things.

One of the questions today showed a few jumbled words and he had to unscramble one of them into an article of clothing. When I looked at the answer, I KNEW he wouldn't get it right because I'd never even heard of the thing! Well, the joke's on me...

Hahahaha, I couldn't believe that 1) he remembered the word, and 2) he learned it from Toy Story 4! 

Anyway, it was fun playing a couple of games with him today. I ordered the game that SO many people recommended, Ticket to Ride (Amazon affiliate link), and I just have to go pick it up at Target. (It was on sale for $25 at Target on that day--it's a crazy expensive game, so I was excited to see that! A huge thank you to the anonymous person who left the comment about the sale.) Since Luke and Riley aren't coming over tomorrow, I'll plan to go pick it up then and maybe I'll force my kids teenagers to have a family game night ;)


  1. i recommend you get a job. you are clearly looking for something to do with yourself.

  2. How does your super lockdown work? We’re in the UK and we can’t have the kids going to stay at family members? They didn’t see any family beyond FaceTime between March and July! And now again they won’t see any until hopefully Christmas.

    1. I was wondering that too, I thought the Michigan governor had said that only two households could interact or something like that? These are hard times right now. In our state we are seeing spikes, and our governor just enacted a curfew and we're being asked to stay at home as much as possible.

    2. The rules here are that indoor gatherings must be 10 or less people, and only two-household gatherings.

    3. Wow, so different from here! At the maximum ours got to 6 even outdoors.

    4. Aaah looks like you’ve updated your wording away from super lockdown! I honestly would love to have a two household / 10 person Max restriction, it’s more generous than when we were (briefly) out of lockdown! Luckily our kids can still go to school / nursery and I can work at home this time. But just wanting to give you perspective that it’s worldwide and some places have terribly tight restrictions - some European counties didn’t allow people to even go outside for months, even children! So take the good side - you CAN see family and socialise.

    5. Yes, "super" was just a word I threw in there, not an actual term. I didn't want it to be confused with something other than "regular" lockdown. The lockdown rules got a little stricter (closing all of the high schools is the biggest change).

  3. I have something I look forward to working on everyday, a job! And I have hobbies, workout hard every day, a puppy and spend time with my husband. I don't have time to be bored.

  4. Wow! Sorry for all the rude and snarky comments today. Just remember Katie—The vast majority of us love you and understand you are living your best life while coping with bipolar disorder. Love ya girl!! —-Pam from Lincoln, NE

  5. Yes, I just wanted to chime in that the rude people commenting don't represent most of us who read your blog! I appreciate your honesty and look forward to all of your posts. I find your writing really interesting, even when you say it'll be a boring post. haha.

    1. Yes, me too. I look forward to reading your posts. I can't believe how rude some people are.


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