November 13, 2020

A Very Close Call!

Happy Friday the 13th! :)

A couple of days ago, I woke up feeling a little bit sick. Just a runny nose, watery eyes, and sore throat. Very mild, though. Ordinarily, I wouldn't think twice about it, but now I feel like every little symptom of being sick has to do with COVID!

I VERY rarely get sick, so when I am, I definitely notice it. I didn't want to overreact, but I also didn't want to assume that it was "just a cold". My sister works closely with COVID patients and she said that a lot of people who just have typical allergy symptoms are surprised when they test positive for COVID. Since I don't want to risk getting anyone sick with COVID, I decided I'd better get a test.

Ha! Not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. After calling all the locations (within a reasonable distance from here) to get tested, there were no available slots for a test until Saturday. Even the places that accept walk-ins said that it's first-come first-serve and the line is infinitely long each day. I called my general practitioner and she put in a script for me to get the test, but the first available slot was Saturday at 1:40 pm. 

I'm feeling 99% back to normal now (my symptoms only lasted a couple of days and I never had a fever or cough--the only thing lingering is the watery eyes and mild exhaustion), but I'm still going to get the test tomorrow just to be safe. I've been self-quarantining for the past few days to stay on the safe side.

I've still gone for my five-mile walk with Joey each morning, though, and today I witnessed a very close call between an eagle and a cat!

Joey and I were just approaching my house after the walk when I saw a bald eagle swoop down in front of my house to grab one of the feral cats I complained about. As annoying as the feral cats are, I would have been HORRIFIED to see an eagle grab it and carry it away!

Thankfully, right at that moment, Joey ran toward the cat (he's gotten used to chasing them away from our house) and it scared the eagle. The eagle flew away and the cat immediately ran up a tree, terrified. That cat had no idea just how lucky it was!

This particular cat is solid black and likes to hang out in front of my house. Every time I see him, I immediately think it's Duck--but then remember that it couldn't be my little Duckling. Duck is terrified of the outdoors and would never even try to sneak out.

I've been going really strong on my walking streak. I was about to write here that today is Day 124 of my walk streak, and then I realized that the math wasn't adding up in my Garmin Connect account. I started re-labeling my walks to "Day X" for each day. I discovered that it's only Day 117 and not Day 124! I was off by a week, so I'm assuming that I just miscounted the weeks when I started counting my streak.

So, while I'm "only" on Day 117, I'm proud of that! When I look at the monthly calendars, I love seeing that starting on July 20, there aren't any missing days.

Some stats since July 20th: I've walked 185 times; a total of 602 miles; 174 hours and 41 minutes; and burned 60,000 calories from the walks. It's gone by so fast! 

October 3rd is when I switched to doing a five-mile walk in the morning instead of doing two 45-minute walks per day. I like it much better! I feel like Joey and I have bonded quite a bit since we've been walking together every morning, too ;) 


  1. Joey is a hero for saving a cats life. I hate eagles. A lot of people think they're awesome, but they'd steal somebodies human baby if they had a chance. They make me so nervous because I have a small dog and our neighbors terrier was taken out of a boat by one of those starving things. Good job Joey!

    1. I don't like the predatory birds, either. They're really neat to see (the eagle looked ENORMOUS in front of us) but it's so sad when people's pets get taken :(

  2. I am working my way up to 5 miles, but you’re a good example and motivation for me to make myself do it. 🙂

    1. I'm so glad! The 5 miles didn't seem so bad after I was doing two 45-minute walks a day (roughly 2.75 miles each). I hated doing the two walks per day, so condensing it down to one felt easy! Good luck as you build your mileage! :)

  3. hoping you just have a cold!! <3 I know every little thing makes me have anxiety. Ugh.

    1. My test ended up being negative, thankfully! And I never even really developed full-on cold symptoms. I'm just paranoid at every little symptom.


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