November 18, 2020

Serging Frustration!

Today started out so promising, and I was in a great mood. Then this evening went downhill and I'm in a very irritated and frustrated mood right now. I don't want to complain and go on about it, but basically I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to use my serger.

I've been wanting to make scrub caps for my sister and my friend Gail sent me a pattern that looked very simple. When I tried to serge the edges of my fabric, it looked terrible and I just don't have any clue how to figure out the correct thread tensions (let alone the other adjustments on the side of the machine that I have no idea what they do). I read the manual over and over and I wanted to tear it into little pieces before stuffing it in the garbage disposal. 

So, I'm just done messing with it and thinking about it tonight. Here are a few pics from this morning, however, when I was very happily playing with Luke and Riley! Brian came over to set up a heater for the garage and he brought the kiddos. They were only here for an hour or so, but we stayed extremely busy! :)

The kids were fascinated watching the kitten play. And the kittens love this elastic web chair that Jerry likes to sit on when he plays his Xbox. It's hilarious to watch the kittens wrestle and play on it.

Then I got out some chalk for the kids to draw on the clock chalkboard. That didn't last long! While they were drawing, Riley sang her ABC's to me--I was impressed! She just turned two years old in August.

The kids helped me fill up the squirrel lunch box with peanuts, and while we were outside, Luke started asking me about this huge rock in our yard. It's been there since we moved in. We had to move it once when we started building the garage, and it was SO HARD to move. We broke a few poles while trying to use them as levers.

Anyway, Luke and Riley were convinced that they could move it, or at least flip it over. It was so funny to watch them try--and make grunting noises while they pushed or pulled ;)

After they left, I took Joey for his walk and then Jerry asked if I wanted to play Toe Jam and Earl--a game that I used to play on my Sega Genesis when I was a kid! We have it on our Wii U, which we haven't used in forever. So we busted that out and played 10 levels. It was SO much harder than I remember it being!

The graphics are great, I know! I always choose to be Earl (the fat one). That game is nostalgic! We also have the original Super Mario Bros. games, so we'll probably play those soon, too.

After he went to work is when I decided to go out to the garage and work on making those scrub caps for my sister. I got all of my equipment set out (ironing board and iron, cutting board and rotary cutter, sewing machine, serger...). Then I was ready! And two hours later I just quit with tears of frustration.

So, I'm not going to think about it anymore tonight! I had a great morning with Luke and Riley :)


  1. Oh that rock thing is adorable. You really have to make a foam one that's similar so next time they visit, they can move it!!

  2. Have your tried seeing if there are YouTube videos? I am always better at watching something being explained than reading it.

  3. Hi Katie! Totally feel your serger frustration. I'm happy to help you troubleshoot- will send you an email. I used to have to maintain the sergers in the sewing studio at college, I had to stop and rethread them frequently for my fellow students :) I'll put "serger help" in the subject line.
    Riley & Luke are too cute!

  4. Why don't you try looking up some videos on YouTube? I bet they have one of someone explaining how to adjust the tension, etc. You also have to make sure they are threaded accurately - it's a little much for me sometimes.

  5. Serging must be hard if it is giving you this much grief. From reading your blog, I can tell you are normally very quick at figuring out things. I see there are several areas on line that focus on beginning serging and maybe they would help? You've got this!

  6. Are there any YouTube tutorials for the serger?

  7. I was in the same boat with my serger! I found some informative pins on Pinterest that linked to YouTube and it helped so much! There is definitely a learning curve. The best tip I found was to thread it with 4 different colors, that way you can pinpoint which one needs the tension adjusted.


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