November 11, 2020

Funny Shirt Ads

I'm not going to write a "real" post today... Jerry is off work and we are actually having a great time talking about an app we want to develop! It sounds kind of ridiculous, but we have an AMAZING idea for a fun game app. And I'm shocked that it doesn't already exist.

I don't want to write about it here because we might actually try to make it happen. I absolutely HATE when people write cryptic posts like this, so I'm sorry for doing it... but I'll just say that the idea is totally nostalgic. And if we don't make it happen, I'll share the idea here.

Anyway, I don't even have any good photos to share! So, here is a funny little story...

Yesterday, I saw this ad on Facebook for a shirt: "I'm sorry for what I said when I was docking the boat."

I burst out laughing (literally out loud) because I can remember so clearly when I was a kid and my dad was docking his boat. He would give me a bunch of instructions that I couldn't possibly remember--hold this rope here, when I get close tie it like this to that post, don't let the boat hit the dock but also don't let it float out, make sure it's perfectly in this spot, etc--and I had such bad anxiety about it! Somehow, the boat always slammed against the dock and I wasn't strong enough to hold it in the right place.

When I saw this shirt, I was surprised because I guess it's a "thing"--other people get frustrated when docking boats, too! I took a screenshot to send to my dad.

His reply was the best! I was hoping not to offend him, and thankfully, he was pretty clever with his response ;) 

Anyway, I see the funniest shirts in Facebook ads. It's hard not to buy them! This one makes me laugh so hard--I even saved the screenshot on my phone because I just found it so funny. It's so TRUE.

Anyway, Jerry and I are going to get back to planning our app! I'll try to write a "real" post tomorrow. Have a good night!


  1. Have you tried to back a trailer up? I can't do it! My husband does it so easy, but my mind doesn't get that you turn the wheel the opposite way you want it to go. Katie since you're so crafty with wood and I wish I was. If you build a cool bird house, I'll buy it. I love functional bird houses. There are the ones just for looks that birds can't use and I don't get that at all. Just a thought. I think you'd sell a lot of them.

  2. Ok you NEED to get a cricut again! I promise I’ll help you make stuff. But you could totally make these shirts yourself and it’s SUPER easy!!!


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