November 07, 2020

Saturday Night Bullets

I love bullets. When I don't have anything major to write about, I just take a bunch of little notable things and put them into one post in no particular order. They're fun to write!

πŸ“ Today, Laura (Jerry's sister) came to pick up the shelves I made for her. I finished with them a couple of weeks ago but then the guys went up north and she wasn't able to pick them up right away. Anyway, I love how they turned out and thankfully, so did Laura!

She sent me a photo of the shelves when she got home and set up in her room.

πŸ“ Laura brought my niece Shelby with her, too! Shelby is now 11 months old--it's crazy how fast time goes by when you think of kids growing up. Shelby was all smiles and SO cute. Babies usually cry around me (I've never had that magic touch around babies, unfortunately) but today she let me hold her and she was fascinated watching me chew ice. She kept laughing every time I put another piece of ice in my mouth, haha.

πŸ“I always feel really sorry for Phoebe, but I have been especially sad for her since we got the kittens. They chase her and want to play with her but she doesn't want anything to do with them so she's always trying to get away from them. She paces the house from door to door, wanting desperately to go outside.

Phoebe is totally an outdoor cat at heart, but I'm terrified of something happening to her and I keep her strictly indoors. She sneaks out on occasion and I have to chase her down. All she does is eat some grass and then throw it up when I bring her in the house *eyeroll*. I think she's been kind of depressed since we brought the kittens home.

Today, I was feeling especially bad for her, so I thought it might help if she went outside. I have a cat leash that I got from a Purina summit and I strapped that onto her. Eli sat outside with her and let Phoebe do her own thing--sit and eat grass, walk around a little in the yard, and then throw up the grass. Thankfully she threw it up before she came back in the house! But she spent about 15 minutes out there rolling in the grass and she was clearly happy about it. I'm going to try to do that with her at least a few times a week so she can get her fix.

πŸ“Today, I knocked another item off of my November "to do" list: clean out the pantry. Of course I forgot to take a before photo, but just picture it to be a total mess with no organization. Along the top shelves were random things we just tossed up there because we didn't know where else to put it. But now it's nice and neat:

If you're wondering, yes--Noah loves Ramen noodles and I buy them by the case! Also, Creamette pasta is on sale at Kroger this week (Creamette is my favorite brand) for $0.49 a box if you buy 10 or more. So, I bought 10 boxes of various shapes. 

πŸ“I saw something on Amazon a few days ago that I just HAD to buy... it was perfect for Jerry and me to spend some quality time together. A Friends trivia game!

At first, I wasn't sure if I should bother, because Jerry and I have seen Friends so many times that I thought it would be too easy for us. However, the questions are HARD. You have to be a hardcore Friends fan to even come close to answering the questions. But Jerry and I are fans, of course, and we could get about half of each card correct. (Here is a link to the game on Amazon--it's an affiliate link, which just means that if you purchase it through the link I may get a small commission.) I have to say, the cards are very high quality--I was impressed.

Jerry did better than I did. He's AMAZING when it comes to random trivia. I always said that if I was on the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? he would be my "phone a friend" lifeline. He knows the most random stuff!

Have a great Sunday! :)


  1. Your pantry is absolutely DREAMY! It’s so neat and tidy — I’m jealous!

    1. Thank you! You should have seen it before I organized, haha ;) But I am thrilled with how it turned out when I remodeled the house. The new shelves have been amazing!

  2. Omg so jealous of your huge nice pantry!

  3. You could look into building an outdoor enclosure for Phoebe. I have seen lots of different ideas floating around on social media. She might really enjoy it!


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