April 24, 2020

A little something to look forward to!

Gosh, I had no idea how many people would request a mask! I feel really bad that I don't have enough for everyone. I decided that instead of sending up to two per person, I'll just send one--that way more people can get them. I apologize if you requested two.

Tomorrow, I will email everyone that I will be sending a mask. I'm going to try to sort them out by color and hopefully, give you the choice that you asked for. I just have to buy some more envelopes and then I will get them in the mail (hopefully on Monday!). If you don't get an email from me by this weekend, it means I just didn't have enough masks--I'm so sorry! If I should get the urge to make another batch, I will let you know!

We just got word that Michigan is going to be under lockdown until May 15th. And we are "strongly encouraged to wear homemade, non-medical grade masks when leaving the house".

I haven't written about this yet, because I don't want to jinx anything, but I am REALLY hoping that the lockdown gets lifted soon because of a very selfish reason... we are adopting kittens!

Now, I have to say... I have always been against adopting kittens because kittens are usually the first to be adopted. Older cats have a much smaller chance of being adopted. After we (tried to) adopt the two kitties last month and it didn't work out, the woman who runs the cat rescue said that kittens are very easy to adapt to a new environment.

Considering we have two older cats at home (Estelle is about 10 and Phoebe is about 11, I think), I thought about adopting kittens (so that Estelle and Phoebe will have an easier time adjusting). The woman who runs the cat rescue has something like 10 kittens that need a home! She said that they have four black kittens, which are very hard to find homes for--everybody wants the ones who have cute colors.

Of course, I love the cute colors as well, but if I'm going to come up with a compromise, I decided that we could go ahead and adopt two black kittens. They were taken from their mother when they were just days old and have been hand-raised by this woman and her husband. We've already been approved to adopt them, so as soon as they are ready, they will come home with us!

Unfortunately, due to the lock down, the kittens aren't able to be neutered or vaccinated to prepare to go to a new home. So, we have to wait. It's been torture! The whole family is so excited to get them. However, we are willing to wait until they are ready.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures. How could anyone not want to adopt these little guys?!

They are currently named June Bug and Lennie, respectively, but we will change those, of course--have to stick with our Friends theme! (They are both male.) I love the black hair and green eyes, but of course I must be biased ;)

We just hope we can get them soon. It will make this quarantine period go by so much faster. Or least be more fun!

From what I've learned, kittens adapt more easily to a new environment, so I hope that they'll be happy here. I'm curious to see how Phoebe and Estelle will react. I have a feeling that Phoebe will have some sort of maternal instinct and Estelle will be a brat.

When we first took Phoebe in, we got her from someone who said she was a stray. I knew a woman from a Mom's Club that I was in, and she said her sister had taken in a stray cat and she'd had it spayed and gotten its shots. She was looking for a home.

Jerry convinced me that we just "needed" another cat, so we picked her up. She was missing half of her tail (I believe it was slammed in a door, based on the way the end of it feels) and she had a bb (from a bb gun) embedded under her skin--the poor cat had been shot! She was very skittish, but she was so sweet. I am SO GLAD that we took her in, as she is now my favorite pet (shh!).

Anyway, I saw on her vet paperwork that she had been in her second trimester of pregnancy when they spayed her, and it made me so sad! She obviously never had her kittens, and it always makes me wonder if she knew that she was expecting kittens but they were gone. 

So, our new kittens have an appointment on May 1st to be neutered, and we should get them shortly thereafter, but with this lockdown, it may take longer. I'm excited, though! It'll be fun to have kittens to play with.

Meanwhile, I've gotten totally addicted to a stupid game on my phone called Best Fiends. I heard the ad for it several times on various podcasts I listen to, and one day I decided to try it. Of course, I got addicted right away, so I've been playing that way too much.

Today, however, I spent most of the day working on the garage. The insulation is done, and now I'm working on the drywall. It's much more difficult than I thought! Drywall is SUPER heavy and awkward to move. I even broke the very first piece I picked up!

I've only gotten about 2/3 of a wall done over the last three days, but I'm starting to get the hang of it more. I'm totally dreading the mudding/taping part! But even thought it's not perfect (not even close!) it's looking better than it did before I started working on it, so there's that.

I did pretty good with my three goals for three days, but it's kind of a blur now--so I won't recap. Today is my day "off" before I start the three day cycle again. My goals for the next three days:

1) Run 3 miles on Sunday within 30 minutes of waking up and run 2.75 miles on Monday within 30 minutes of waking up. Walk Joey daily, a minimum of one mile. (My kids each walk him daily, too--it's a mandatory chore--so he's getting plenty of exercise!)

2) Spend (most) of my free time doing something productive--working on the garage, mainly. However, I'm not going to feel bad about doing unproductive things that I enjoy, like playing stupid games on my phone.

3) Get in a good eating pattern. Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack daily. Preferably at the same times each day. Right now, I might eat nothing at all until dinner time or I might snack all day long. It just depends on what I have going on. I really want to get into a routine. Bonus points if I count calories!


  1. They are such cute kittens! And it is better to get two, they will entertain each other and (hopefully) leave the grown up kitties alone a little more.

    1. Those were my thoughts, too! I've also found that my cats prefer males, so by adopting to males, I hope they all get along :)

  2. Have you had a Tag yet? I feel like one of these cuties is definitely a Tag! And maybe Charlie, even though Charlie was a girl in the show.

    1. I LOVE THOSE NAMES! I'll bring them up to the fam :)

  3. I would 100% adopt a black cat over any other color. One of the best cats I ever had was a black cat with green eyes. Second best was a piebald orange tabby. I hope they adjust well and your other cats do well too!

    1. I adore orange tabbies--I don't know that I've ever seen a piebald orange tabby. I had to Google that!

  4. My brother and I got black kittens who were sisters when we were little and they were seriously the sweetest. I'm excited for yall!

  5. The kittens are adorable!

  6. So cute. I would name them Gellar and Bing or Gellar and Gunther!

  7. House panthers!! Love them! (I have 2 black kitties as well!)

  8. one of my biggest challenges for waste of time activity is watching those silly videos that just keep rolling! before i know it I've lost an hour or more. great looking masks. i think you did a fantastic job on them. I also like the recipe you posted about the casserole - looks so good but I can't make it knowing I'd eat too much, some of the comfort foods are in the danger zone for me these days. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you!!


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