August 17, 2011

RECIPE: The Best Grilled Cheese EVER

This is kind of a stupid "recipe" to post, considering it's "just" a grilled cheese. But it is SOOOO delicious that I had to post it.

The keys are: cooking over medium heat using oil instead of butter, and the combination of the rye bread with Havarti cheese. Don't make substitutions on this recipe!

Grilled cheese with rye and havarti

The Best Grilled Cheese EVER

2 thin slices rye bread
1 slice Havarti cheese  (if you can't get Havarti, then Muenster is good too--but I see Havarti at every deli counter. If there are different types, get the "cream Havarti")
2 tsp. extra light olive oil  (the "light" just means light tasting, not light on fat or calories)

Preheat a skillet over medium heat (no higher! Low and slow is the way to go). Put the cheese between the bread, and spread the outside of each side of the sandwich with the oil. It seems like a lot of oil, but that's what makes it so good! Grill over medium heat about 4 minutes per side--when it's a nice golden color, then it's time to flip. It takes longer, cooking over medium heat, but be patient! This is the best way to make a grilled cheese  :)

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