April 27, 2020

Cat Hair is Both a Condiment and a Fashion Accessory

I cannot even begin to describe how sore my body has been for the last few days! Hanging drywall in the garage has been killer on every single muscle in my body. I literally feel as sore as if I'd run a marathon.

I never imagined that hanging drywall would be as difficult as it is! I thought you just held a sheet of drywall in place and then screwed it into the studs and moved onto the next sheet. But it's so much more than that. Drywall is HEAVY.

I have to hang a 2x4 on the wall before placing the sheet of drywall up (I use the 2x4 to set the sheet on, because I obviously can't hold the ridiculously heavy drywall in place). I don't know how much each sheet of drywall weighs, but it feels like a ton!

Today was such a gorgeous day outside--I spent all morning and half the afternoon working in the garage, and I got the second wall done. It was very meticulous because I had to work around the garage door and all the gadgets that make it work.

I LOVE the way the garage is looking though--even though the drywall hasn't been taped and mudded or painted, it still looks a million times better than the bare studs.

While I was working on the garage, Jerry did some yard work (cutting the grass) and he washed our cars. I realized today that my car has half a tank of gas... and I haven't filled the tank in over a month! I actually ran an errand today and I forgot what it was like to drive for 10 minutes straight. I love that my car still has the "new car" smell ;)

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours addressing envelopes and stuffing them with face masks. I haven't addressed that many envelopes since my wedding, haha! Today, I took them to the post office. I put the masks into business sized envelopes instead of the larger ones I used before, hoping that the postage would be cheaper.

I had about 50 envelopes, and I was really hoping that I could just put stamps on them instead of having the postal employee weigh each envelope for individual postage. Thankfully, I was able to ship them for $1.10! (I had to put two stamps on each envelope.) Previously, it'd been almost $4 per envelope.

(I haven't yet emailed everyone who is getting a mask... I will try to do that tomorrow!)

When I got home, I saw that Jerry had brought in the mail from the mailbox, and I got a package. Surprise packages are the best! It was from a blog reader--remember when I did a giveaway for the two Anne Taintor mugs? Well, the package I got today was a "thank you" package. I admit, when I read the card, I felt horrible--I thought that she'd confused me with someone else, because I couldn't remember sending anyone a "crazy cat lady" mug!

Hahaha, then I remembered the giveaway. Anyway, she sent me the sweetest card and this hilarious towel!

I legit laughed out loud when I saw it. When I was packaging the face masks, I was so worried about the masks having a cat (or dog) hair on them--I inspected them way too thoroughly. And then I even thought about including a note with the masks that read something about how you will always find pet hair on your clothes or in your food at my house.

It's inevitable!

There are even a couple of pet hairs forever embedded in my epoxy countertop, hahaha.

This afternoon, Becky stopped by with Luke and Riley (I made her a face mask, so she came to pick it up). We got to spend some time with the kids (from a distance) and it was great! I've missed them so much--and I can't believe how much they've grown. Riley is crazy smart and Luke is a chatterbox (as he always has been).

Eli and I made dinner together. My mom gave him some money to buy ingredients for a dinner that he wanted to make--and he chose to make some sort of Asian dumplings. While I was at the post office, Jerry took Eli to buy the ingredients at the store.

The prep for dinner was a lot of work, but it was nice to spend quality time with Eli. We stuffed wonton wrappers for what felt like forever! But they turned out to be really good. This is the recipe we used. We laughed a lot because we were horrible at shaping the dumplings, and every dumpling was shaped differently as we tried to make them look better.

It's been a long day! And I haven't been following my goals for the three-day challenge I made for myself. But you know what? I don't feel bad about it. I think going up and down the ladder in the garage and hanging drywall for hours burned WAY more calories than a three-mile run. And I literally can't even describe how sore I am (not to mention the bruises on my legs!).

I know I need to get to running so that I can train for the Detroit Half (I really will... soon!), but I really enjoy working on the garage, and it's serious exercise.

I also learned today that we are getting our kittens on Sunday! I am SO EXCITED. Jerry and the boys are, too. I can't wait to post pictures of them. The last time I had a kitten was nearly 20 years ago, when we got Chandler. This is going to be so much fun :)

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