May 12, 2019

Current Moods, Habits, and Just Life in General

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

I am alive and well. I know I've been posting so sporadically--and rarely--that it may seem like something is wrong. But it's just the opposite! I've been living life and feeling content lately. I think "content" is a key word. I haven't been hypomanic or depressed, and my anxiety is pretty low. It's so nice!

As I've written about lately, I've been really working on being peaceful and happy with who I am right at this moment and not who I "dream" of being. My weight is hovering at 160-165, and has been for a while now. I haven't been counting calories or even actively trying to eat "intuitively". I've just been trying not to think about it at all, and I like having some space cleared inside my head to think of other, more important, things.

My main form of exercise has been walking, which I'm actually really enjoying. Joey loves the extra walks, too ;) I'm not following a plan, but I would like to start following the walking plan that I wrote recently. Not for a very particular reason, but I do like to follow some sort of plan because I always feel best when I have a schedule (for nearly everything, really). I like to see what's happening each day beforehand.

Anyways, I (obviously) haven't been spending much time online at all, and I have enjoyed the break from social media, blogging, even surfing the web (is that phrase even used anymore?). Instead, I've been reading on my new Kindle Paperwhite, and I love it! I've missed getting into books. Also, all of the DIY projects.

I would like to start writing more regularly, and now that I'm nearly done with all the DIY projects in my house, I'll have more free time to do so. I just recently did my bedroom closet, although it was nothing exciting.

I did the usual removing texture from the ceiling, taping and mudding the seams, painting. Then I removed all of the wire shelves and built wood shelves, much like I did in the pantry. I made the shelves deeper and the height between shelves closer together so that I could fit an extra shelf, and it's given me so much more room!

Today was a fantastic Mother's Day. I had no idea that the kids were going to give me gifts! They told Jerry that they wanted to get me something, and they picked out the gifts themselves. Eli got me a bird feeder. There is a very bold squirrel in the backyard that comes right up to my door for nuts every day. He's so cute! I named him Tuck, and the cats alert me when he shows up. I hand him almonds, walnuts, or peanuts on the back deck.

Anyway, there is a blue jay that has been stealing the nuts that I leave out for the squirrel. (Noah took this amazing picture of it recently.) But the blue jay takes the nuts immediately after I set them out, and I can see him watching me from the tree in the backyard, ready to swoop down. So, that is why Eli chose a bird feeder. We are going to hang it in the backyard and hope that the blue jay leaves the nuts alone.

Noah got me a new protective case for my computer. My old one was broken and has been for a long time. I just never got around to buying a new one, even though it had been on my Amazon Wish List ever since the other one broke. He also got me some Burt's Bees lip balm, because I go through it like crazy--I keep some in my car, my purse, my nightstand, the living room, all over.

And then Jerry even got me a gift--a case for my Kindle. He saw that when I take it places, I would put it in a Ziplock bag and then place that inside of a cloth zippered pouch (definitely not an ideal way to take my Kindle with me). I LOVE the case he picked out!

It's so crazy that today is the 14th Mother's Day that I've been a mom. My kids have gotten so big! They're bigger than I am now.

This picture was on Easter morning. It was so funny--the kids said they had been talking to each other for weeks, wondering whether or not they would get Easter baskets this year. They thought maybe they were too old or something, but they didn't want sound spoiled by asking me if they would get one. So they were very excited on Easter morning when they got their baskets ;)

Noah is in driver's training right now and will start training on the road next weekend. I cannot believe that my child is old enough to drive! And Eli is literally the sweetest kid I've ever known. He's an old soul and I can't even describe how big his heart is.

I'm a lucky mom :)


  1. Your kids are just the sweetest!! Sounds like things are going great!! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. This is one of the most peaceful, happy posts yet. I've been thinking about you a lot in relation to the stress and anxiety you'd been feeling, and I came to the conclusion that not feeling 'obligated' to blog (which was sounding more and more like a burden, not a joy) would be a big relief to you. Social media is (as we all know) often more depressing, anxiety-producing, and negative than it is positive, and spending less time on any form of it seems healthy. I know it is for me. Those of us who care about you don't care when (or if!) you blog. We want you to find peace and joy in your life, and that seems to be what you are doing. If blogging less helps, I vote "YES" to that idea. Wishing you many more peaceful, joyful days of being "in the moment" and loving friends, family, and WALKING (my "sport!!!")

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like a wonderful day. My boys are both in their 20's with one of them married and I still give them Easter baskets (as well as for my DIL) and I probably always will. :)

  4. Happy Mothers Day!! I'm 32 and live 3000 miles away from my mom but come Easter, a package with plastic Easter eggs shows up on my doorstep. When I was a kid Easter baskets always came with new shoes so now my mom includes a Zappos gift card. You're never too old for an Easter basket.

  5. I love this update and think that you have a wonderful family. What fine young men you and Jerry are raising!

  6. Your kids are so grown! And very handsome!

    Noah needs to enter that bird photo in the fair this year. I would go so far as to say that's a guaranteed winner--it's amazing!

  7. Closet photos please!

  8. PS your boys are SO handsome!

  9. Glad to hear you're feeling good and happy lately! I'm going thru the same stage with my kiddos - they're both taller than me now, and it's a strange feeling.


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