April 29, 2019

Transformation Tuesday - A New Series Introduction

(That picture is supposed to be us looking shocked, haha)

As I've been posting so many home remodel before and after photos lately, my mom gave me an idea for my blog, and I think it would be really fun to do!

I know that Transformation Tuesday is popular on Instagram, and usually refers to weight loss. While my blog did start as a weight loss blog in 2011, as you may have noticed, it's evolved into more of a lifestyle blog. I write about the weight issues, sure, but also mental health/illness, running (more as a coach instead of a runner now!), budgeting (like when we paid off our debt), and most recently, DIY projects.

When it comes to a "transformation", there are TONS of things that it could apply to. And my mom suggested that I accept before and after transformation photos from readers--about anything at all.I love this idea!

Here are a few examples of transformations:

A before and after of a new haircut
Bedroom makeover
New countertops or paint on the walls
Painted or stained furniture
Cleaning out a closet (as an organizer, these photos are like porn for me)
Before and after of addiction vs clean and/or sober (I love these!)
Before and after weight loss pictures
Your rescue pet's before and after photos (these are my favorite!)

So, I'd like to try this idea out and see if there is any interest. Some guidelines to submit photos for Transformation Tuesday:

1) Email one "before" photo and one "after" photo, of anything you'd like, to: transformations (at) runsforcookies (dot) com.

Please keep the photos separate rather than collaging them, and don't use filters or Photoshop on the photos. I feel like everything is filtered these days, and filters tend to invalidate the "wow" factor. Finally, please don't add words to the photos--I'd like to keep the photos uniform, so I may end up adding things like, "table and chair before" and "table and chairs after" to the photos; or I may just leave them as-is. Not sure yet.

2) You may include a link to your personal blog or social media page if you'd like (no business or promotional pages--this will be at my discretion). Include a very brief description (examples on my photos below). I'm sure the photos will explain themselves for the most part. As shown in my examples, I'll include:
Brief description of the transformation
First Name, Location, Few words of who you are (if you want me to leave out name/location, just let me know)

3) If there is someone in the photo, just make sure it's cool with them that I share it here.

4) Depending on the amount of submissions I receive, I may end up having to save some for the following week(s). I will eventually post all of them, but I'd like to limit each post to 6-8 or so.

5) If necessary, I may crop or resize the photos simply to fit uniformly into the post, but I will try to keep them as original as possible.

So, I went through some photos on my computer and found several different examples of transformations. Here are mine:

Before installing new carpet in my bedroom and after. It looks so much better!
-Katie, Michigan, new DIY'er for home projects

bedroom carpet before

bedroom carpet after

Before and after knitting my new nephew a baby blanket!
-Katie, Michigan, hobby knitter and crocheter

skeins of yarn

baby blanket

Before and after dying my son Eli's hair blue. He was thrilled!
-Katie, Michigan, "cool mom"

blonde hair

blue hair

The day we chose Joey at the animal shelter and after he spent some time with his new forever family. Please, people, ADOPT--don't shop! He's been amazing for my family.
-Katie, Michigan, advocate for animal rescue and adoption

shelter dog before

shelter dog after adoption

My nephew Luke, before and after ;)
-Katie, Michigan, happy auntie

ultrasound photo of Luke

Luke as a newborn

Before attempting a personal record at the Muskrat Run 5K... and after. Winning second female overall!
-Katie, Michigan, former runner (current walker)

Before running the 5K

After running the 5K

Teaching Eli to cook a stir-fry; from chopping veggies to a yummy chicken stir-fry with spicy sauce.
-Katie, Michigan, stay-at-home mom

Chopping carrots

chicken stir-fry with rice

Before and after telling Joey he's a "good boy"!
-Katie, Michigan, dog mom to a lab/chow mix named after Joey Tribbiani

Joey before being told he's a good boy

Joey after being told he's a good boy

Before and after my "little" brother ran his first ULTRAMARATHON!
-Katie, Michigan, super proud sister to an amazing Army veteran

Nathan pre-race photo for ultramarathon

Nathan after finishing ultramarathon

The canvas before and after my dad painted this picture for my house. He self-taught by watching Bob Ross!
-Katie, Michigan, proud daughter of the next Bob Ross

blank canvas

Dad's painting of lighthouse

Before and after of the 1,000 piece puzzle I used to keep my hands busy and stop snacking!
-Katie, Michigan, going through a hypomanic puzzle phase

1,000 piece puzzle before

1,000 piece puzzle after

The Asian Pear tree my mom bought me that looked like a stick. Five years later, there still isn't any fruit, so I hope it's the correct tree! Haha.
-Katie, Michigan, born without a green thumb

Asian Pear tree before

Asian Pear tree five years later

Before and after painting my bedroom furniture--bed headboard and footboard, dresser, and two nightstands. Here is the nightstand.
-Katie, Michigan, new DIY'er

nightstand before painting

nightstand after painting

I love seeing things like these! So please please be creative, and no matter how silly your own transformation may seem, send me photos! Again, check the guidelines at the top of the post and send the photos to transformations (at) runsforcookies (dot) com.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Also, what are your thoughts? Is this something that you all would be interested in seeing once a week? I happen to love transformation photos, and I think this will be awesome. I just need people to participate ;) Remember, no transformation is too small/insignificant!


  1. Love love love this idea!

  2. Wow I love this!! I still get choked up seeing Joey's before and after. What an amazing transformation! I remember when you got that Asian pear tree! It's getting bigger! I might have to send you my entry way before and after. We had the most hideous wallpaper up there and took FOREVER to strip it off and fill holes, sand, re-paint, etc. It's not a huge area but I'm still proud of it! I can't wait to see what these new posts will bring!

  3. I think that's a great idea! I love those type of pics too. They can be motivating no matter the topic!

  4. Great idea! I love transformations!

  5. I love transformation photos. This is a great idea!

  6. We rescued a poor little sick (7 pound) dog 5 years ago. I truly think she wouldn't have lasted one more day. We took her to the vet right away and got her on Amoxicillin. She gained weight right away (now she's 21 pounds and healthy). She has more love and fun you can imagine! She means the world to my husband, our black lab, and me. Joey looks amazing!

  7. Those Joey pictures are the best!

  8. I love these! Keep them coming!

  9. OMG Joey ❤️ I think this is a fab idea!


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