April 06, 2017


Why does it feel like the time is just flying by every day? I constantly feel like I'm a step behind everyone else, and I'm always trying to catch up--but the time goes by so fast! Just when I feel like I can take a quick breather, I have "just one more thing" to get done. It's actually been nice to be so busy, because it helps with my depression; but on the other hand, I am not used to being so fast-paced.

Speaking of depression, Jerry wanted to do something nice for me a couple days ago to cheer me up--since I'm not a big fan of flowers, he got me this enormous teddy bear. It's three feet tall! I named him Gunther, and he is super soft and cuddly. This is one of my favorite things Jerry's ever given me--and the timing was perfect. I love it!

I cannot believe it's Thursday already. When I woke the kids up this morning, it felt like just a minute ago I was waking them up and telling them it was Friday, so they had just one more day of school before the weekend. Anyway, I did do my Wednesday Weigh-in yesterday, I just didn't have time to post it.

I had another good week:

I was at 144.6, so that is down 1.6 pounds from last week. The weight loss has been a touch slower than the very consistent 2 pounds per week I was losing in 2015, but I've also been much more relaxed as far as calorie counting goes. I'm still trying to see how I do without logging food, and just paying attention instead to the approximate number of calories it has. I'm still eating three meals and a treat each day, keeping my portions moderate. 

I've only had alcohol twice in the last six weeks or so, and I think that has helped a lot with preventing binge eating. I think the alcohol (even just one or two drinks) would lower my inhibitions enough to make me not care much about what or how much I was eating, and I was probably getting in a lot of extra calories that way. 

Now that my weight is under 145, I really don't mind if I stop losing at this point. Maintenance is always tricky for me, so I'm not going to make a bold statement about maintaining, either--I'm just going to eat comfortably, exercise moderately, and see where my weight happens to fall. My biggest goal as far as my weight goes right now is to find a "happy place" that is fairly easy to maintain, even if it's a little heavier than I would prefer. 

I'm being cautious with weight goals anyway, because I'm guessing once I see the psychiatrist next month, he'll have me try a new medication, which may affect my weight. So, I'm happy to see the scale going down, but I'm still being cautious.

I don't know what has come over me lately, but I've been in a serious spring cleaning mode. The new bedroom carpet is going to be installed on Tuesday, so I've been going through stuff in my bedroom and organizing. Yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of decorative storage boxes to put stuff in instead of the plastic bags, shoe boxes, Tupperware containers, etc., that our stuff has been in. 

I went through all my clothes and packed up four huge bags to donate. I still feel like I should get rid of more, but I usually regret it when I force myself to choose more, so I'll just stick with this for now. Thankfully, most of my clothing comes from the Salvation Army, so I don't mind getting rid of things. It would be hard to get rid of clothes that I'd bought brand new and hadn't worn much!

It feels so nice and productive to get everything organized in my bedroom. It wasn't total chaos before, but I did have stuff stashed in so many places that it was overwhelming when I was looking for something. Getting the carpet replaced will be the finishing touch, and it'll feel like a brand new bedroom--I'm excited! 

I have some fun stuff planned this weekend. Tomorrow, we are going to babysit Lucas for a little while so that Brian and Becky can go to the Tigers opening day. If it's anything like the first time Jerry and I went out without Noah when he was a newborn, then they probably won't be gone very long ;)  (It was funny--we were excited to go out for a date night, but once we dropped Noah off at my sister's house, he was all we talked about. And then we rushed through dinner and skipped the movie so that we could go pick him up. Haha!)

I organized a From Fat to Finish Line meet-up on Saturday morning, where we'll go for a walk or run at the State Park and then go out to brunch. We were supposed to do it a few weeks ago, but the weather was terrible and we had to reschedule. It's supposed to be very nice outside on Saturday, so I hope that the forecast is correct! Then on Saturday afternoon, I'm meeting up with Emily, one of my blog readers. I met her for drinks back in August, which was fun; and she's going to be in town again this weekend. 

If I don't write tomorrow, have a great weekend everyone! 



  1. Way to go on the weight. Maybe the alcohol factor is my problem. I mean not a "problem" as in I am not dependent on alcohol but as in problem where after I may have one I tend to be more casual about my "nibbling" into the evening.


    (In my mind I keep telling myself ~ just wait....once school is finished this year then I will be all in and ready to focus on ME! )

  2. Great job on the weight loss! Sounds like your doing great!

  3. Love the bear! Congrats on weight loss. I share your excitement for organizing its awesome.

  4. I really appreciate your honesty on depression and maintenance. It helps me alot knowing that I am not alone in the journey especially since I don't have support around me. Thank you so much Katie.

  5. Man I wish I could get that spring cleaning bug you have.....my house is a mess, not dirty just messy and it is really weighing on me but at the same time I dont have the motivation to do anything about it......ugh.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Katie, I'm new to your blog. I posted once already but it did not show up, I have no clue where it went lol. I wanted to find out what program or software you used to create your workout and calorie stats in your earlier blogs. I think they would be helpful in my weight loss journey and would like track mine as well �� I hope you have an awesome week! Julie

    1. Hey there Julie! I'm not sure exactly what stats you are referring to... but the only programs I've used for calorie tracking are My Fitness Pal and Fat Secret (apps on my phone). Hopefully that helps! Have a great day :)

    2. Hi Katie: Check out your entry on August 9, 2011, titled "My Happy Pace". You will see the weekly stats for your calories and your workout stats for several days. These are the ones I am talking about :) What did you use to create these? Thank you, Julie

    3. Ahh, yes! The food log is from SparkPeople, and the exercise is from RunningAhead.com. SparkPeople has an app now, but I'm not sure about RunningAhead. I forgot I posted that stuff! ;)


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