April 13, 2017

Runner's high

Yesterday morning, I got a funny text message from my cousin Shannon. We used to be pretty close when I was in college (I lived much closer to her then when I was in a dorm), but we don't see each other or talk very often anymore. So, when I got a message from her, I was pretty curious. It made me laugh when I read it--it went something like this: "OMG, Katie! I had a dream last night that you guys hit $20 million on the lottery (a scratch off ticket)! You need to play the lottery today--you might win big!"

Shannon jokes around more than anyone I know (my favorite thing about her), so I laughed about it--but considering her dream came out of nowhere, I thought it couldn't hurt to buy a couple of scratch offs ;)

I bought four tickets yesterday afternoon--one for each Jerry, the kids, and me.

And we won! Haha, five whole dollars--a far cry from $20 million ;)

This morning, I drove the kids to school, and on the way home, I thought it would be a nice day to go for a run. It's been ages since I actually felt like running and didn't have to talk myself into it or force myself to do it. I actually felt like I was looking forward to it! When I got home, I quickly dressed in my running clothes before I changed my mind, and headed outside.

Despite being pretty windy, it felt great! My breathing was harder than normal, but that's bound to happen from not running much for so long. I didn't feel that odd out-of-breath feeling I had recently, which was a relief. I pulled my sleeve over my Garmin so that I couldn't see my pace or heart rate--I just wanted to run and hopefully complete three miles.

I took the route that I used to do in 2010, when I first started running. There is something nostalgic about that route, and even though it's not my favorite, it seemed appropriate for today. When I arrived back home, I actually got that same "runner's high" that I used to get years ago.

It was great :) However, I really need to get in a few distance walks/runs before Indy! The race is three weeks from Saturday, and while I know I could pull it off without any training if needed, that's obviously NOT a good idea. This Saturday, it's supposed to get up to 76 degrees! The forecast shows thunderstorms in the morning, but I think I will go to the Metropark in the afternoon and get in a long walk (8-10 miles).

Thankfully, this weekend isn't going to be nearly as busy as last weekend. Actually, I just remembered that Sunday is Easter! Today is my last chance to buy stuff for the kids' Easter baskets while they are at school, so I'd better go do that now. Happy Thursday!


  1. I keep forgetting this weekend is Easter too! Haha. It's supposed to get up to 75 in my neck of the woods this weekend too!! I am sooo looking forward to some warm weather. Looks like you had a great run!

  2. This just reminded me I really need to get some easter stuff for my sister! Im running behind! Great post

  3. I love that Runner's high!

    Happy Easter!


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