April 12, 2017

Finally--a psych appointment

Things are FINALLY settling down in the Foster household ;)

It was a crazy-busy (the fun kind of busy!) weekend. I already wrote about the From Fat to Finish Line meet-up on Saturday. In the afternoon, Emily (a blog reader turned friend) came over. She lives on the western side of Michigan, but she was in town, so we made plans to get together. We chatted at my house and then walked to the bar to play Keno and have a drink. It was fun! And so nice to chat.

Jerry and I had tentative plans to go to our friends' Jake and Emma's house for a game night (I had a lot planned on Saturday so I wasn't sure if we'd be able to make it). The kids really wanted to go, and despite the busy day, I knew we'd have fun if we went. So, we headed over to Jake and Emma's.

We played Bunco (I'd never played before, but I always wanted to learn). I was terrible at it! Haha. That game is simply about the luck of the dice, though. Then we played Taboo, and my brain was just too tired--I was fumbling for words (which is totally the point of the game, but still). The only picture I have from the evening is this one that Jerry took, but I thought it was pretty funny.

That's apparently what I look like when I'm fumbling for words ;) My friend Adam was moderating to make sure I don't say any of the "taboo" words on the card. It was a fun evening, but I was completely tired and ready for bed by 11:00.

I got a phone call on Monday from the psychiatrist's office (that I've been on a waiting list for) and they said they had a cancellation for an appointment on Tuesday at 10:45, could I make it? I said YES, of course, even though I knew the carpet was being installed between 11 and 1. I've been trying so hard to get in to see a psychiatrist, and I figured I would do whatever I could to make sure I could go.

I knew I'd have to get the house ready for the carpet on Monday so that I'd be able to go to the appointment Tuesday (the drive was 45 minutes each way, so the earliest I figured I'd be home was 12:30--and that's if the doctor could see me right on time). Worst case scenario, I could ask my friend Andrea to come over and let the carpet guys in.

Anyway, that meant I'd have to prep the bedrooms by myself, because Jerry was working nights. I honestly have no idea how I did it, but I spent all day Monday moving furniture and all of our belongings out of the bedrooms and into the living room and kitchen. Check out my living room when I was done!

The only thing I left in each bedroom was a mattress--I even took the bed frames out. That way, we'd have a place to sleep on Monday night, but I could quickly move the mattresses in the morning. When I was disassembling Noah's bunk beds, I really screwed up my (already screwed up) back. I think I pulled a muscle or something--my neck, left shoulder blade, and left ribs-area hurt. I can't even turn my head very easily. It feels muscular, though, so I'm glad it's not my bones--my spine is already messed up from arthritis and bone spurs.

So anyway, I got the bedrooms totally ready, even though I could barely walk through my living room or kitchen thanks to all of our stuff being in there. Once I finally sat down, I got a phone call from Lowe's--they said they were going to be later than planned for the carpet installation, and to expect them between 1:00 and 4:00! It solved my problem of having to be in two places at once, but if I had known, I would have had Jerry help me move everything in the morning.

On Monday evening, I got together with an old friend, Jenni, from high school. We took journalism together, and we were pretty good friends back then; but, we went our separate ways after high school and I hadn't seen her in over 10 years, until she came over for game night a few weeks ago. We made plans to get together and catch up, and it was really nice to hear about what she's been up to for the last decade or so ;)  She lives fairly close, so we plan to get together again soon.

Yesterday, I wasn't nervous at all for my appointment--I was just so happy to finally get to see a psychiatrist! I sat in his office for an hour and fifteen minutes, telling him what's going on and answering his questions. He was very knowledgable and answered all my questions. He didn't make me feel rushed, which is something that drives me crazy with some doctors. I'm not ready to talk about the details or outcome just yet, but hopefully I will soon. I did leave there feeling a sense of relief (at getting answers), and definitely hopeful. I'm going to try the medication he recommended (I started it yesterday) and I am hoping that I feel much better in a month or so. I have a follow-up appointment in a month.

I got home at 1:00, and waited for the carpet installers to arrive. At 3:00, they called and said they'd be here at 4:15--so I definitely could have waited to take apart the bedrooms, but oh well. Once they arrived, they got to work right away and three hours later, we had new carpet in the bedrooms! There are a lot of things that we have to buy as adults that aren't any fun--water heaters, furnaces, etc. But carpet is an exciting one for me! I was so so happy to get rid of the burgundy carpet that I'd had in my bedroom for the last 14 years.

I finally remembered to do a before and after photo, too:

The boys' got the same carpet in their bedrooms, and they were thrilled as well. We started moving everything back into the bedrooms last night, but I was so exhausted by 9:00 that I just left everything else for morning and went to bed.

When I woke up today, I was so relieved that we don't have any appointments or things on the schedule. I need to rest my back, so I plan to have a lazy day today.

Oh! Today is Wednesday, so that means Wednesday Weigh-in. I had a pretty good loss this week (1.6 pounds), but that's probably because of the last couple of days--super busy with moving furniture and cleaning, and not having time (or space) to eat a proper meal.

Now that Eli is done with physical therapy, and we don't have appointments after school several times a week, I'd like to get back to cooking real meals again! It seems like we were never home at dinner time for the last month, so we would grab something while we were out or just throw something together quickly when we got home. I miss home cooked food. I didn't set a goal for April, but I'm going to declare that my goal for the rest of April--to cook dinner at least five nights a week like I used to.

Well, now I'm going to relax and catch up on a couple of shows before the kids get home. Their spring break starts Friday!


  1. You sound like a busy lady! So glad you got an appointment and I hope it helps!

    1. Normally, I'm not nearly this busy--but the last couple of months have been CRAZY! I'm looking forward to an uneventful April :)

  2. Dang I'm exhausted just reading this post! You are one busy family! So happy to hear you got your appointment and it went well!! Also great job on the weigh in!

    1. My family usually isn't this busy, but we just had so many appointments and unexpected things come up lately, that it's been nuts! I'm so glad that things are calming down now :)

  3. The new carpet looks awesome!! I was super excited when we got new carpet in our home, too :) Enjoy your well-deserved, relaxing day!

    1. Thank you! I am LOVING the new carpet--it feels so nice and soft to walk on it!

  4. The new carpet looks great! Amazing that you moved all that stuff yourself in one evening. Are those those slider things under the dresser's feet that make things easy to slide? I love those. Living alone, they have come in SO handy when I need to move furniture. As the packaging said (I remember it b/c it was so funny - obviously from China etc.): "Makes moving heavy stuff like feather." Lol Yes, it does.

    1. Yes, I love those things! They're called "Moving Men", haha--probably a little sexist, but they were an "As seen on TV" product from years ago. They are GREAT for moving furniture by myself!


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