October 29, 2015

Week 11 Weigh-in

I just realized this morning that this post never went live last night. Oops!

Well, it seems that the extra calories over the last couple of weeks did catch up to me. When I weighed in today, I had my first gain in 11 weeks.

This week's weight was 139.5, so I was up by a pound from last week. My waist measurement was the same, and my body fat was only up by 0.1%, so I'm not too concerned. I had a lot of sodium yesterday, which could be why my weight is up; but it also could be because I ate more calories this week.

My average calorie intake was 1854 per day (last week, it was 1721, and prior to that, it was usually just over 1500). This week, I'm going to try and get it back down to around 1500 a day, so that I can get moving on these last 6 pounds! I would love to be back at goal (133) by December 12. I chose that day because I originally reached goal on 12/12/12. It would be nice to be back there three years later.

Even though my weight was up a little, I wouldn't change anything from this week. I felt I made good choices based on the situation, and if I hadn't been counting calories, I would have eaten MUCH worse. One thing I've been slacking on is drinking water, though. I'm used to drinking 2-3 quarts a day, but when I was at my sister's house, I hardly drank any at all. So, I'm going to focus on that this week.

On Monday, I'm going to NYC for Purina's Better With Pets summit. I attended the summit last year, and it was probably my favorite blogging event I've ever been to. They have experts do presentations about how our lives are better with pets, and it's really interesting! It was at that conference that I was inspired to get a dog, and I started researching dogs as soon as I got home. We adopted Joey in February, thanks to that summit, and he has truly made my family's life "better".

I arrive in NYC on Monday, and then the summit is on Tuesday, and I leave Tuesday night--a super short trip. Since I've been to Purina events before, I know what to expect as far as food goes, so I'm just going to plan my best for it. I had originally thought about going on the 31st, so that I could spectate the NYC Marathon on the 1st, but after having so much going on in October, I opted against it. I'm glad now that I decided not to go early--I want to get back into a nice routine. Someday, however, I would like to spectate that marathon!

Tonight is our recognition night for cross country. Renee and I made certificates for each of the kids--things like the "Cheetah Award" for the fastest boy/girl in each grade, the "M.I.R. Award" (most improved runner), the "Awesome Attitude Award", etc. It took some creativity, but we came up with an award for each and every kid on the team ;)

The school said we could use the cafeteria for our recognition night, so we're providing pizzas, and several of the families are bringing side dishes to share. Since we have 29 kids on the team, and many of them are bringing families, there are going to be upwards of 60 people there! I'm a little nervous, because speaking to a room full of people is outside my comfort zone, but I think the kids will be thrilled to be recognized for their running achievements. Should be a fun night!


  1. I'm running NYC - 1st time and somehow inspired by you to run it.
    Enjoy your visit to the city

  2. Once you start speaking about each athlete, pretty soon the room falls away. I remember when I did my first awards banquet for my water polo team. I was so nervous. But, after all of the awards and mini-speeches given for each student, I had a parent come up and thank me for the wonderful things said about their child. They asked if they could have a copy of my notes for them. You never know if you are the first role model to speak highly of their child. Have fun with it!

  3. Great perspective on this week's gain. It'll drop off in no time.
    Have a wonderful time at the award's night. I think all the kids and their parents will love that you took the time to come up with an award for each one :)

  4. I wish I had had you as a coach growing up! It makes such a difference when every kid is recognized for something. Some kids hear so little good sometimes that every little bit helps. I think this makes you both rock start coaches! Good for you and Renee!

  5. I was wondering do you keep your calories at 1500 even on your exercise days and have one high calorie day?

    1. I don't aim for any particular number each day; it just averaged out to around 1500. I ignore my exercise calories, because I don't burn much during exercise. Here is a post that may explain it better: http://www.runsforcookies.com/2015/09/week-6-weigh-in-and-calorie-counting.html

  6. Thanks Katie, I'm trying to figure out what the correct range for me would be. I'm 15lbs away from goal, but I seem to be sabotaging myself


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