October 26, 2015

Motivational Monday #126

Happy Motivational Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was at my sister's house in Illinois all weekend, and it was fun to visit. I hadn't been there since I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2013 (which actually feels like it was very recently, and not over two whole years ago).

I managed to count all of my calories while I was there, and I didn't go overboard. I ate more calories than usual, because we ate out a few times, but I still kept it under 2,000 each day. I went for a run with my sister, and we stayed fairly active all weekend. She bought bowling balls for the kids recently, and we ended up bowling eight games during the weekend. That's probably more than I've bowled in the last three years combined! Haha

I'm used to weighing myself daily at home, so it felt weird not being able to check in while at Jeanie's house. I was just hoping that my weight wasn't climbing up! I feel like I made good choices, though, so hopefully the scale will be kind for my "official" weigh in on Thursday.

Here are a few motivational stories to kick off your Monday... enjoy!

Renee ran her sixth half-marathon last weekend, and set a personal record by over 10 minutes! It was her best half-marathon to date, and during the race, she even decided that she is ready to tackle a full marathon next year at the same race. (You know you're having a great race when you're already planning future races while you're running!) Renee blogs at With Brave Wings She Runs.

Mia flew out from Connecticut to run the Detroit International Half-Marathon! She finished with a personal best of 3:14, shaving 4 minutes off of her previous best time. She said it was the best race she's ever run, and she loved the vibe in Detroit. She's already thinking about doing the full marathon there next year! Mia has actually lost 112 pounds over the last three years, and started running a year and a half ago. In February, she's going to be running the Florida Keys Ragnar Relay with a couple of my From Fat to Finish Line teammates, Rik and Carly!

Do you all remember Jared? I wrote about him in Motivational Monday #117. He's been continuing to send me updates on his progress--he's been losing weight and walking a LOT of miles inside of his house. He has never once used being blind as an excuse not to exercise, and I find that incredibly inspiring. Anyway, he mentioned that his shoes were completely worn out (having walked 1,000 miles on them), so I decided to reach out to Altra and ask about getting him a new pair of shoes for all his hard work. (He has very wide feet, so I thought Altras would probably be comfortable for him). Altra was so kind to send him a pair of shoes! He's continuing his weight loss, and has now lost a total of 88 pounds. He's also still walking inside of his house, and has walked over 1,000 miles since June! The thought of walking that many miles doing laps inside of the house is mind-blowing to me--the very definition of "no excuses"! ;)  (Special thanks to Altra for their generosity! Jared was thrilled with the shoes.)

Congratulations to Renee, Mia, and Jared! Hope everyone has a fantastic week :)


  1. Congrats to you all! Jared you are doing so well! Keep it up!

  2. Congrats to all on both weight loss and exercise achievements....You are motivating me just like this post is all about!!!

    Love it!!

  3. Thank you for the update on Jared! I had wondered how he was doing.

  4. Thank you for doing a motivational Monday post!! So inspiring! Congratulations to each of you for smashing your goals!!

  5. Wow, I have to hand it to Altra! That's really cool of them to help Jared out. Do you have a referral code for their site? I'm tempted to get a pair and I'd love to say you sent me!

    1. Yes, Altra is a fantastic company! I met the founder of the company at a Runner's World event, and he was SO nice and helpful. I wish I had had a referral code for their site, but unfortunately, I don't. Thank you for thinking of me, though!

  6. Yay to Jared's new shoes!!! And congrats to all accomplishments!!


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