October 23, 2015

A visit with my sister

Thank you so much for the kind comments on my previous post! I love the way my photos turned out, and I am really glad I did it.

The kids missed school today, and we left at 7:00 this morning to head to my sister's house. She lives in Illinois, about an hour west of Chicago. We used to visit pretty much once a year, but we didn't come out here last year for some reason. The last time I was here, I ran the Chicago Marathon! The kids always love to visit Aunt Jeanie, so they were really excited about it.

Originally, Jeanie was going to be running a marathon on Sunday, which is why we decided to come out here this weekend (to cheer her on at the race). About a month ago, she injured her hip, and ultimately decided to switch over to the half marathon instead. I'm still going to watch the race, though--I love spectating races. Hoping for good weather Sunday!

We brought Joey with us, which makes me a little nervous. I just hope he behaves himself. He'll be thrilled to have another dog to play with (Jeanie has a basset hound named Remy). He did really well on the whole car ride here. He sat in the back seat between the kids, and took a nap on their laps. That was his longest car ride by far.

The colors in Michigan are really pretty right now! I love all the reds, oranges, and yellows. Not a great photo, because I was in the car, but you get the idea.

Right when we got to Jeanie's house, I was curious to see what Joey would do with the doggy door. Jeanie has a doggy door for Remy, and Joey had never used one before (as far as we know, anyway). It took some enticing him with treats several times, but eventually, he got the hang of it. And now, he's loving the fact that he can go in and out as he pleases--it's like he just can't make up his mind. He wants to keep going in and out, just to use the door ;)

Jeanie gave Noah a bowling ball (drilled to his fingers) for his birthday. So, she made plans for a private bowling lesson for Noah to do today right when we got here. Tonight, we're all going bowling so Noah can practice and show off his new skills.

Tomorrow, we're going into Wisconsin, where the race will take place (on Sunday). Jeanie is going to pick up her packet, and we'll spend the afternoon there. I think we're going to be near Madison. The last time Jerry and I went to Madison, we had so much fun! It was a fun little college city, and we enjoyed walking around and checking out little shops. We had an amazing pasty from a place called Teddywedgers that a reader suggested we try. Jerry has been talking about it ever since! ;)

I'm a little worried about making food decision while I'm here, but I'm just going to treat it like I did last week--eat the stuff I want, but keep the portions small and log everything. Tonight, I am going to go for a three-mile run with Jeanie. I don't have plans to do more running while I'm here, but I imagine we'll stay active and walk the dogs and stuff like that. Again, I'll be happy if I can just maintain my weight this week!

If you have a Motivational Monday submission, please send that to me as soon as you can. I'm going to try to get it done on Sunday, because we're driving home on Monday. I have a Prudential post going up on Sunday night, so I won't be able to post a reminder then. Here is the info to submit a MM post! Hope everyone has a great weekend :)


  1. If you make it to Madison in the morning tomorrow you should go to the farmer's market - it's huge! The food there is great - good luck staying away from fried cheese curds :) -Beth

  2. Wisconsinite here...Haunted Hustle? If so, a colleague is running her first full there tomorrow! If you like gyros, the Parthenon on State Street is awesome...

  3. We have a Labrador and we've often said if we ever put a dog door in he'd wear himself out walking in and out every 5 mins. Because that's what he thinks he needs to do when we're home during the day.

  4. Have fun in IL and WI! I am from Madison and miss home like crazy. I also used to live in the west Chicago burbs (Geneva area). If you have a chance to get to the Union Terrace on UW's campus, I recommend Babcock Hall ice cream! And Dotty Dumpling's Dowry is the best! Have fun :)

  5. Good luck on Sunday, Jeanie! Hope you all have a super weekend -- the two-legged AND the four-legged. :)


  6. Went to college in Watertown, WI, which is right in between Madison&Milwaukee. It's a little too flat out there for my taste(and bitterly cold in the winter!!), but still pretty...have a great weekend. :)


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