October 31, 2013


What a crappy day for the poor trick-or-treaters!

It rained all.day.long. I really didn't feel like running today, not only because of the rain, but because Jerry was off work and I wanted to hang out all morning with him. But I had to weigh in at Weight Watchers today (I have to weigh in at least once a month, and I hadn't weighed in for October yet), so I couldn't have had a lazy morning either way.

I ate breakfast, and then got dressed for a five-mile easy run. The rain was just a sprinkle at that point. The first mile felt hard! I feel like I'm putting in the effort for a pace of about 8:45/mile, but my actual pace is about 9:15-9:45/mi. I doubt my legs are still tired from the marathon, and my heart rate has been up pretty high, so it's not my legs that are making the effort feel hard. Maybe it's the fact that my weight went up seven pounds in a week and half!

The second mile felt even harder, and I realized that was because I'd increased my speed a little, so I consciously tried to slow down for the last three miles in order to feel more comfortable.

I was thinking about my plan for the Monroe Half-Marathon, and since I'm not prepared to run it hard right now, I figured I would just go at an easy pace. I would have liked to pace Jessica to a sub-2:00 time, but she said she doesn't want to worry about her pace (which is probably a good thing, because I honestly don't know if I could DO a sub-2:00 right now!).

Instead, I sent Stephanie a text asking if she wanted her own personal 2:10 pacer (a 9:55 pace). She said she'd like having me run with her, so that is my plan for the race. I'm glad to have a goal for the race, but not where it's going to kill me to reach it; pacing someone else is fun! I'm not so sure it'll be quite as fun for Steph, though ;)  I'm excited to see her hit her goal!

After my run this morning, Jerry and I went to Weight Watchers. For the first time since reaching Lifetime status, I was worried I was going to be more than two pounds over my WW goal. My WW goal is 143, and this morning (at home, naked), I was 139.5. Considering I drank a quart of water, two cups of tea, ate breakfast, and was fully dressed for the meeting, I thought I may end up having to pay this month. If you weigh in more than two pounds over your goal weight, you have to pay for the meeting.

I dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt, so my clothing was lightweight. And usually, I weigh in with my shoes on, but today I took them off. Turns out, I ended up being 141.8 on their scale, so I wasn't even close to being two pounds over goal. I really want to start weighing in there once a week, just to keep myself accountable.

Jerry and I stayed for the meeting. Today they were talking about Lifetime members, and their tools for success. The leader listed the top 10 tools for success in Weight Watchers:

10. Planning meals/snacks
9. Good Health Guidelines (getting in required fruits/veggies, water, etc.)
8. Exercise
7. Using the weekly PointsPlus
6. Finding friends to support you
5. Measuring portions
4. Tracking food
3. Attending meetings
2. Setting a goal
1. Envisioning your goal

With the exception of attending meetings and getting in all the Good Health Guidelines (I try, and I know I should, but my diet definitely isn't perfect), I used all of those to lose the weight. I thought it was a pretty solid list, and I can't think of anything I would add to it.

This afternoon, we went to my parents' house for Mark's birthday and handing out candy. My mom picked up fried chicken for dinner, but was nice enough to get a roasted chicken for Jerry and me. I skipped the birthday cake, because I wanted to save my PointsPlus for Halloween candy.

My dad made a fire in the driveway, so we sat around that and stayed warm. Jerry took the boys out trick-or-treating in his parents' neighborhood, while I stayed at my parents' house. I brought some tea to sip outside, and it was a nice evening, despite the weather. When we got home, the kids dumped out their candy, and had fun sorting it all out. I bummed 5 fun-size candy bars for 10 PointsPlus. They were totally worth it!

We weighed their candy... 18 pounds combined!!
I've managed to stay on track for three days in a row now. It's been hard, but now that I set some running goals, I am more focused on those than my weight. I know that I race best when my weight is at about 131, so I'm hoping that I'll be back there by spring when I work on my PR's!


  1. No pics of the party or kids in their costumes? Those are great guidelines that everyone should follow.

  2. After a bad day yesterday, I feel like the Goodyear blimp.

  3. Hi Katie! I haven't commented in ages, but I still love following your blog - you continue to be an inspiration! I wanted to tell you that it has been REALLY inspiring to watch your pace continue to get faster and faster. When I first started reading your blog, you were pacing in the 11-ish minute miles (my pace). It's just so incredible to see how you've progressed by being consistent; working hard; never giving up. It makes me feel like maybe I can do it, too! Thanks as always for motivating and entertaining us!

  4. I like how that app makes it look like the rain is exploding from the sky.

  5. Popcorn and potato chips?! My mom should have brought me to your neighborhood for trick-or-treating!! Glad you had fun! I had two fun size Snickers (totally worth the points!).

  6. Thank you for posting those guidelines. I'm not using WW for my dieting but they are great suggestions that I need to remember in my own loss journey. Your blog has been a great resource for motivation and advice. Thanks!

  7. "I'm not so sure it'll be quite as fun for Steph, though"

    Bwahaha! That is exactly what I was thinking when I read that!! ;) But it'll be fun to run with a friend...I know you'll help me keep my mind off my pace!! Thank you again for offering!!


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