October 06, 2013

Last long run before Chicago!

Another very rainy day. It wasn't a total downpour, though, so I decided that I was going to run outside today. Sunday is my long run day, but since I'm tapering, my long run was only eight miles today! I thought it was funny that I was relieved to see only eight miles on the schedule--in August 2010, I ran my very first eight-miler, and it had taken me three attempts to finally finish it. Eight miles seemed nearly impossible back then! And day, I was like, "Pshh... I could run eight miles in my sleep!" (Well, not really, but relative to my training over the past few months...)

I headed out at around 8:00, and the rain was steady, but not bad at all. As soon as I started running, I couldn't remember if I was supposed to run at long run pace (9:38/mi) or easy pace (10:00-10:40/mi). Since I'm tapering, I guessed it was probably easy pace, but I decided to try to run somewhere in the middle, between 9:38-10:00.

About three miles in, my left foot was soaked. Since I run against traffic, my left foot gets more of the slant of the road, which meant more rain water. It made me start to think about what I would do if I was running a marathon and my feet were that soaked so early on. I honestly don't think I could finish like that. I ran a 20-miler in the rain once, but I changed socks mid-run, and that helped a lot.

I turned around at mile four and headed home. I couldn't believe how many dead frogs and snakes I saw! I have no idea how they die (they weren't in the road, but on the shoulder). They didn't look like they were run over by cars or anything. The snakes are the little baby ones, about the length of my forearm. And the frogs were anywhere from the size of the tip of my thumb to the size of my hand. Anyway, I just thought it was weird.

Made it home, soaking wet, and immediately took my socks and shoes off.

I always treat myself on my long run days, and even though I "only" ran eight today, I still felt I deserved to splurge a little! I went to Monica's, a local bakery, and my eye was immediately drawn to peanut butter brownies. The problem is, they were HUGE. I've gotten a brownie there before, and it ended up being 23 PointsPlus. Since these had peanut butter, I would estimate them to be more like 25 PP. Since I only earned 12 on my run, I could hardly justify spending so many on the brownie ;)

I ended up getting a chocolate chunk cookie for 14 PointsPlus.

It was fantastic! Much better than the one I got a Panera last Sunday. The one from Panera was decent, but I wouldn't get one there again.

I was in a ridiculously good mood today, for some reason. All morning, I was checking the live tracker of a friend who was running his first marathon (to be posted about on Motivational Monday tomorrow). In the afternoon, since it was still raining, I cranked up some music and deep cleaned the house. Jerry was off today, after working five days in a row (after being in San Diego for five days). I feel like I haven't seen him in forever! So it was nice to be able to spend some time with him.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to see my friend Sarah, who came in from Arizona yesterday. I'm a little nervous, because she had a fever the day before she left, and she figured it was the flu. Since I'm running the Chicago Marathon a week from today, the flu is the last thing I need to deal with! But she's my best friend, and I only see her a few times a year... I'm just hoping she's feeling better!

Don't forget, tomorrow is Motivational Monday, so if you have a picture you want to share of a health/fitness accomplishment from this week, you can e-mail it to me (along with a short description) at SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com with the subject "Motivational Monday". I may include it on tomorrow's MM post!


  1. I also ran 8 miles yesterday. The run was over with so fast! I was even able to go to the Farmer's Market while there was still good stuff left!

  2. I ran my 8 miler yesterday and thought the same thing...it's. "only 8 miles". Last year I had a whole different perspective. Amazing how time changes how we look at things! I cannot wait to go to Chicago and an getting excited about the marathon!!
    Next year I hope to be faster and see times and paces like yours on my garmin;)
    Enjoy taper week!!

  3. My husband and I are training for our first half marathon on 10/19....just wondering about the use of GU vs. shot blocks...noticed that you are using both for your training. Could you talk about the difference and when and how these running items are needed and when to use which one? This will be our first long race! We started running 18 months ago and have lost a combined 68 pounds! We still feel pretty new to this process and would appreciate any advice! I love your blog and read it every morning before I head out for my run!

    1. If I might offer my opinion....people have different preferances for what they want to use...the gu/shotblocks/sport beans etc replace electrolytes, sugars/carbs and calories so you have energy to sustain running. I personally love honeystinger chews. It's not really the time to experiement TOO much right before a race but if you go into REI or a local sports store they should have a selection and i would recommend trying out different items and seeing what works best for you. Oh and timing wise they recommend you refuel every 45-60 mins. For my marathon I actually took a clif kids fruit rope, a larabar and then some of the honeystingers so I a performance food AND real food! Hope this helps.

  4. LOL I remember when I was training for my first (and only) full marathon and I would think the same thing, "whew! only 8 today!" I can't believe the marathon is here already!!

  5. Dude, I could NOT run in the rain, especially for that long. I admire you for getting it done! And the cookie looks AWESOME. I'm absolutely going to find that place this week and buy myself something to have after my 11-miler on Saturday. :)

  6. Happy to have found your blog - I live in Chicago and a good friend is running the marathon on Sunday too. Best of luck to you!!



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