October 11, 2013

Cheesecake cream cheese

Today was a pretty relaxing day, which was nice. I did have five miles on the schedule this morning, and Jeanie had eight miles on her schedule, so we ran together. I looked at a map online to plan out a route. It went through a neighborhood and then along a short bike path, where Jeanie hadn't been before. Looking at a map always makes it seem so easy to navigate, but once I'm out there running, I wind up getting lost half the time!

I told Jeanie to set the pace, because I wanted to stay between a 10:00-10:40 mile (which is comfortable for her, too), and I tend to go too fast sometimes. Between the two of us, you'd think that we would have easily found our way to the bike path, but the neighborhood was really confusing! We made a wrong turn somewhere, and ended up just going down a bunch of streets to try and reach 2.5 miles, where I could turn around. When we were at 2.4 miles, we came upon the bike path, naturally. It wasn't a long path (less than a mile), so we ran that and turned around.

On the way back to Jeanie's house, we were able to find the much shorter route, so the run ended up being 5.1 miles total. Not bad, considering our long detour. I went inside while she went out to run 3 more miles.

After showering and breakfast, Jeanie and I took the kids out for some errands, and then lunch. Since it's "Pizza Friday", the kids wanted pizza. We went to Old Chicago. When I looked at the menu, and checked out the PointsPlus in the food, there was nothing that appealed to me. So I didn't end up ordering anything. I went outside and called Jerry to chat for a little bit while the kids and Jeanie ate. Jeanie had to go to Sam's Club, so she dropped me off at Panera (for my beloved bagel). It was nice to go sit there for a little while by myself.

I got a pumpkin pie bagel with their new New York Style Cheesecake cream cheese. Holy yum, that was amazing! The cream cheese was SO good, and tasted just like cheesecake. The bagel was 10 PP and the cream cheese was 4 PP. A high PP lunch, but definitely worth it. And hey, I'm carb loading ;)

The rest of the day, I felt pretty lazy, but I just read my book and texted with Jerry. I really wish he'd been able to come with me this weekend--I miss him!

Tomorrow, I'm going to take the train into Chicago. I'm super excited to meet up with Caitlin and go to the expo, and then we'll meet Cat and her friend for dinner. It's kind of strange that I'm not at all nervous about the marathon. Going into it without a goal time/pace has really helped me to feel excited rather than nervous. I'm pretty confident that I can finish the race, and I don't care what my finish time is, so there isn't any pressure. Honestly, I think I'm most worried about getting back to Jeanie's after the race; a lot of walking and trains, while carrying my luggage :/

Jeanie took the boys to the drive-in tonight, but I want to get a good night's sleep, so I'll be in bed early. I don't think I'll sleep very well tomorrow night, so I'm hoping to get ahead tonight!


  1. Good Luck Katie!! Everytime I see it on the news I think of you!

  2. Best of luck! I love your blog. It helps keep me going everyday! Please know there are a lot of followers out there like me who rarely comment but are rooting for you every day too, especially tomorrow! :)

  3. Did you see there's pumpkin pie spice cream cheese?!? I have to get it and let you know how it is!

  4. I have to tell you....I have never in my entire life (I am 47 years old - YIKES!) had a bagel with cream cheese...does not appeal AT ALL. Don't get me wrong...I do love a bagel but the thought of warm cheese on it does not sound good - generally just eat them plain lightly toasted. I will be going to Panera the next time I get to our nearest city (it is an hour drive from home) and will be getting that exact combo - or at least the cinnamon crunch bagel (me personal fave) if the pumpkin is out of season by then. I adore cheesecake (as my butt will attest to) and as soon as you described that combo I just knew that I needed to try it ASAP. You will get the blame if a new craving starts! ;o) Ellen Renee

  5. I went to Panera Bread this morning for the Pumpkin Pie Bagel with the Cheesecake Cream Cheese!! OH YUMMM!!! Definitely worth the 14 PP. It was even better than I expected. Pumpkin Pie & cheesecake are two of my favorite desserts.


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