October 29, 2013

2014 Running Goals

As I mentioned yesterday, my eating has been way off track since I got home from Illinois. I've been feeling pretty stressed for a few reasons; we've had a couple of big changes around here. A few weeks ago, Jerry made the decision to go back to his previous employer, after three months at a new job.

He wasn't happy at his new job, and even though the money there was fantastic, I encouraged him to go back to the job he really enjoyed. He's much happier now, and for that, I'm grateful; but he lost his position on the pay scale (so not only did he take a large pay cut going back to his previous employer, he's also not earning the amount he was when he left). He also won't get health insurance for 90 days.

The insurance thing scares me, because I know just how devastating an accident can be (when I fainted and broke my jaw, I realized just how important health insurance is!). I've been researching options to figure out what's best for us to do. Thankfully, we were able to get ahead financially while Jerry was at his new job, so I think we'll be okay until his pay bumps back up in 90 days, but it's going to be hard to adjust to that!

Anyway, things are getting settled down now (he's been back at his previous employer for about a week), and I'm not feeling so stressed about that anymore. But I weighed in at 135 on the 18th of this month, and today, just 11 days later, I was 142. I've been eating everything in sight, so the gain is not exactly a mystery. It's just scary feeling so out of control. I start each day with good intentions, tracking my food, but in the afternoon, I just get the urge to start eating (and not because I'm hungry).

Yesterday, I had a bit of an "aha!" moment. This is the first time since I started running three and a half years ago that I don't have any running goals. And I feel lost without goals! I think this could be what's causing the overeating. I already reached my distance goals (a marathon is the farthest distance I had any interest in; no ultras for me!). I set, and reached, all of my time goals for each distance. There aren't any particular races that I'm dying to do, and I don't have interest in doing a race in each state, or anything like that. I just feel kind of lost!

I asked my Ragnar SoCal team for some ideas, and there are a few things that interest me: 1) Trail running. But there aren't any local trails near me, so this one wouldn't work; 2) Back-to-back races. Doing two half-marathons in a weekend, or a 5K+10K+Half-Marathon, or something like that; and 3) Setting new time goals for each distance.

Whenever I'm running fast (a race or tempo run), I always think, "After my goal race, I'm going to stop trying to get faster, and just run for fun!" But honestly, it's fun to try and get faster. I'll never be "the fastest", so there is always room to improve; a never-ending goal, really. And since I love numbers, of course I like setting number-oriented goals. 

So for now, I am going to set some new time goals for 2014. Here are my current PR's (personal records):

5K- 25:44 (8:16/mi pace)
10K- 49:23 (7:57/mi pace)
10 Miles- 1:31:16 (9:08/mi pace)
Half-Marathon- 1:52:07 (8:34/mi pace)
Marathon- 4:16:38 (9:48/mi pace)

My 5K is obviously outdated--my 10K PR pace is faster than my 5K pace ;) My 5K goal (for a LONG time) was sub-26:00, and once I reached that, I had no interest in doing better. My fastest 5K distance in training is 24:03, so I'm thinking a sub-24:00 goal for 2014 would be good.

My 10K finish of 49:23 was a total fluke--I had NO intentions of running it that fast, and I was BEYOND thrilled when finished with a sub-8:00 pace!! But now I feel like it will be impossible to ever beat that time. I'm willing to try, though! My 2014 goal for the 10K? 49:22 ;)

I've only done two 10-Mile races (the same race two years in a row), and I wasn't really "racing" either time. It's a super hilly course, and it's in June, so it's hot. I think I'll aim for sub-1:30 in 2014.

My big half-marathon goal was sub-2:00, and I crushed that in the spring. This PR is another one that feels like it will be nearly impossible to beat, but I'll try. I think I'll aim for sub-1:50, which is a big leap. This will probably be a fall goal, because it'll take some hard training to do it!

My marathon PR is going to remain 4:16:38, because I don't have any desire to run another marathon (in 2014, anyway).

I didn't think I would get excited to work on speed, but writing these out makes me look forward to it!

Speaking of races, I'm getting really excited for the Monroe Half Marathon on November 10th. It starts at the State Park that I run in often, and a lot of the roads of the race are on my regular running routes. My friend Stacie is the race director; she is in charge of the Special Olympics in Monroe County, and the proceeds from the race will benefit the Special Olympics.

I asked Stacie if I could post a discount code for registration, and she was happy to give me one. So if you're local, I would love to see you at the race! Stacie gave me a code for both the Half and the 5K, which will give  you a $10 discount:

5K discount code- mm5k4563
Half-Marathon discount code- mmhm4563
(The site says that the promo codes ARE case sensitive, just FYI).

I was looking at the site, and they have a Friendship Relay option, which I think is an awesome idea. The "friendship relay" is to allow special needs people to participate in the race. Here is how the website describes it:
"The Friendship Relay is designed to encourage and accommodate anyone with special needs who wishes to participate in a road racing relay. A team can be compromised of 2 to 4 members. At least one member of the team must have a special need. The relay consists of two (2) legs, approximately 1.55 miles each. The special needs team member must do the second leg of the course. They may be assisted/escorted as needed by one or two team members. The rules will be flexible to accommodate all needs and no one will be turned away. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to request special assistance."
If you are planning to do the race, let me know (via e-mail) and maybe we can meet up!


  1. The uSAF marathon weekend (dayton, oh) has the races you need for back to back to back races. Friday night is the 5k, saturday morning the 10k starts at 0730 with the marathon and then the half starts at 0830. A friend of mine has done those a few times.

  2. I will add to what Gypsie said and say that the AF marathon is one of the most fun races ever! I did the half this year and it was amazing. Definitely worth looking into.

  3. Hi! I am a new reader and this post sounds like me. I started training for my first marathon this week after my weight gain started to snowball. I did it the same way with the afternoon and evening chow down sessions. I quit my job two months ago to stay at home and think my new routine was causing mindless eating. Either way, I have lost 8 or so pounds since checking myself. New running goals have always been my go to! Good luck, your PR's are already great. :)

  4. It makes my heart smile hearing about you and Jerry. I love that you encouraged him to do what makes him happy, even with the obvious "negatives" that come with that--the pay reduction, no health insurance, blah blah blah. I love that you guys are so supportive of each other. Seriously.

    We all get in those days/weeks/months even, where we feel out of control. It's so nice feeling in control, and when you are, you can't help but think, "oh my gosh, this is so easy. I've got this. I will never get out of control again." And then you do. Just gotta roll with the punches and really appreciate the good times of eating right, and even life for that matter.

    Sending good thoughts your way, Katie! Know we all think you and your fam are awesome. Kick-ass. Loving. Insert adjective here.

  5. I'm right there with you. Since the Chicago Marathon I've been eating everything in sight and have been buying stupid "treats" constantly. It's so maddening when you know how to do it right and you KNOW what works. I have to weigh in for October tomorrow morning. I'm enough below my Weight Watchers max weight that I will be ok but how embarrassing it's going to be to have a 5 or 6 lb gain since last month. Maybe that embarrassment will be what I need to get back on track!
    Don't give up, don't stop starting over the next day, you can do it!!

  6. My hubby is also going back to his previous employer, we'll be adjusting to a pay cut as well, but hopefully my hubby will be happier and be able to have a life! The other was just so crazy busy.

    My goal is to run a 5k ... I don't even care about the time, I just need to overcome the anxiety (crowds) to do it.

  7. New time goals... great idea. ;) I think you set realistic, yet challenging goals too. I bet you reach all of them!

  8. Love the idea of a friendship relay. I have 2 special needs nephews and sharing that feeling of pride and accomplishment with them would be fantastic.

  9. I love your goals for the upcoming year! You will be smashing these goals I know!

  10. Love the goals! I recently did some weight loss goals and pinned them up by my "get ready area" and look at them every morning. Ever since doing that things have just clicked.

    I love that you enocourage your hubby to do what makes him happy. I tell my husband that constantly. He always talks about how he should get a better job for "us" but I know if he stopped tuning pianos he would be unhappy. We live very comfortably and sure we aren't rich, but I'd rather we have what we need in life and be happy in the process. I'm glad that you feel the same and are so supportive!

    And being without insurance is VERY scary. I hope that nothing crazy happens and that the 90 day probationary period goes by quickly!

  11. Now that I've run my 10K, for which I trained 4 months, I now feel adrift.
    So, with no running goal and Halloween... I'm a bit off the rails. I had my husband hide the Halloween candy (I bought it early since it was on sale) and he had to re-hide it last night!
    I've been thinking about trying to better my 5k time. That will be my new goal, to run a sub-31min 5k.
    Now to get my butt out the door!

  12. I think I could have written your post. Except my eating got out of hand about a month before Chicago, leading to a 5lb gain (partly doing to taper and still eating at peak mileage), then still eating like crap and now I'm about 4 pounds up from there. So, roughly 9 pounds gained since late September or so. Unacceptable! I track morning through lunch, have great determination, then I get the kids from school and gorge on crackers, peanut butter, cereal, nuts, etc. It's maddening! I've got to get my appetite under control.

    So, I chose a different option than you. I signed up for RNR New Orleans marathon on 2/2 to be marathon #2! If I can't get my appetite under control, I guess I'll go back to marathon training!lol Training started yesterday, so that's why I had high hopes for yesterday, until I bought the Halloween candy and opened way too many bags of it sampling. urgh. Today, TODAY, I will stay on track! Oh, and partially because of your recommendation, both DH and I are on the Hansons plan for this cycle! We're on week 5, last week of base building. I'm excited to try to attempt 6 days a week of running (was doing 5 days last cycle for Chicago)...working full time, 2 kids, it's going to be nuts, but I'll try! And I didn't do any speed work for Chicago, so I'm glad to put that in the plan for NOLA.

    I'm excited to watch you knock off your PR's! That sounds like a fun goal I'll attempt someday! Although of course I'd like to set a new PR in NOLA over my 4:46 in Chicago!

  13. I could have written almost ALL of this post. Like you, I am very goal-oriented with my running and feel totally lost if I don't have SOMEthing to aim for. I've been feeling that lately, and when I realized that I didn't have any 2014 goals planned out yet, that was a HUGE aha moment! This week I sketched out a tentative race calendar and time goal ideas, and that felt SO MUCH better!

  14. If you didn't consider it before, I highly recommend you look at getting COBRA from his old job until his new insurance kicks in. Yes, it's expensive, but there are several huge differences between having had that coverage and not having had that coverage, even after the 90 days are up. HIPAA provides for very small gaps in coverage (less than 63 days) and then you lose all the portability coverage provided in the act.

  15. Katie, thank you so much for this entry! This really hit home for me today and gosh, I can totally relate to you on so many levels. I have also felt "out of control" for the past couple of weeks. I know I must get my head back in the game. I certainly don't want to go backwards in my journey!!I I have been a lifetime member with Weight Watcher's for 18 months and have kept off 90 lbs. Can't go backwards! Thank you so much! :)

  16. Hi Katie, I found your blog about a week ago and have been so inspired by all that you have done! I don't actually know you, but I can't help feeling proud of you and inspired to start working harder to meet my goals. One thing I was thinking of trying is a Mud Run. There are lots of names for them but they are basically relatively short runs with lots of obstacles. They are supposed to help you improved overall fitness because when you train for them you have to work on things like upper body strength too.

  17. Your personal records are very good already and improving all of them or at least some of them would surely be great motivation for you! Gotta have goals!!!

  18. I need goals to stay motivated. I started running last spring but I'm a turtle, I ran my first (and only) 5k in 40:19 in September. So my goal is to get under that (and also to run my first 10k) in 2014. I wish I could run fast but I don't think I have it in me :)


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