November 01, 2013

Nutella in moderation?!

The ridiculous wind actually woke me up this morning. It was really loud, and for a moment, I thought, "Oh, thank goodness it's a rest day today. I don't want to run in that!" But then I remembered it's Friday--my long run day.

I'd told Jessica I'd run 12 miles with her this morning, but I'd forgotten my kids had today off of school (a teacher in-service day, which is smart to do the day after Halloween!). Jerry was working this morning, so I couldn't get out for my run. That meant either switching my long run to Sunday, or running on the treadmill. I chose the treadmill, because I am trying to get my running back into a regular routine.

When I started running, I was aiming for 12 miles, but I figured that if I was miserable, I could stop any time after 8. I haven't used the treadmill in a long time, and it actually felt kind of strange at first. The treadmill always feels easier to me than running outside, even with the incline set to 1%, so I felt good! I set the pace at 8:57/mi and turned "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" on my computer to watch.

A couple of miles in, my parents came over. My mom needed a picture of her and my dad for the church directory, so she asked Noah to take the picture while I continued running. Then I somehow got into explaining/showing her how to edit and crop pictures on her iPhone (while I continued to run). I'm surprised I didn't fall flat on my face! After my parents left, I continued running, but I thought about the half-marathon and that I should probably run at the pace I'll be running at the race.

I'll be pacing Stephanie at a 9:55 pace, so I lowered the speed, and the run actually felt much more enjoyable after that. I rarely need water for anything less than a 10 mile run, but for some reason, I was dying of thirst about 7.5 miles in, so I stopped the treadmill and filled my water bottle. It was such a relief to drink the water!

I was feeling pretty good at mile 8, and then my computer gave a low-battery warning. At mile 8.5, the battery died. I certainly could have kept running, but I decided that 8.5 was plenty for today, especially since it was on the treadmill. I'm sure the half-marathon won't be a problem next weekend.

I actually made it through today without eating a single piece of my kids' Halloween candy! It was extremely difficult not to, but I knew that if I had even one piece, it would make it so much easier to just keep eating it, and soon, I'd be in a Halloween candy coma.

Speaking of not eating junk in the house, my Kitchen Safe has been a life savor! I just wish it were bigger; I may end up getting a second one. I put my problem foods in there: chocolate chips, Nutella (well, the Kroger brand), Clif Bars (they recently turned into a "problem food" when the Trail Mix flavor was introduced), and little packages of belVita breakfast biscuits.

I set the safe to open in the mornings when I wake up. I may use Nutella on an English muffin, or chocolate chips in my oatmeal. Then I take out just the portion of what I plan to eat for a snack later--1/2 a Clif Bar, or 1/2 the package of belVita. Before I even eat a bite of anything, I lock the safe, setting the timer for the following morning.

Mornings are very easy for me to stay on track, so it's not hard for me to resist eating everything before I lock it up. Then, in the afternoon, when I'm feeling snacky and want to eat a handful of chocolate chips, or a spoonful of Nutella, I can't--because it's locked up. I can only have what I took out of the safe that morning. It involves a little planning ahead, but this has worked out SO WELL. It has completely eliminated my "Oh, it's just a handful" or "Oh, it's just a spoonful" extra calories. I've been able to eat Nutella in moderation! That is a huge deal for me ;) It's probably rather pathetic that I have to rely on a safe like this, but hey, whatever works!


  1. I really like the idea of that safe. I would probably buy one if it was in stores. The only thing I really don't like about it that it is a clear container. If I had one I would constantly look at it, I'd have to cover the inside with paper or something so I couldn't be constantly reminded of the contents.

  2. The safe is an awesome idea! There's no way I could keep Nutella in my house.... but maybe with the safe!!

  3. The recent picture of the food safe made me laugh! In the beginning it only had one jar, but now is almost full. I agree with Sarah, that if the food is out of sight it's out of my mind. I'd cover the box too or else the box would be broken :) Does no one else in your house eat these items?
    By the way, I wanted to thank you for two tips that have been extremely helpful to me - eating red seedless grapes for snack and toasting the bagel thins just as they are packaged. Just like you said, snacking on red seedless grapes curbs my desire for any other foods and keeps me full. I keep them in my fridge and eat some every day. I like to eat the bagel thins, but it was annoying that they became so brittle toasting them. Keeping the halves together in the toaster solved the problem and we found that it also works great on the toaster squares that they are selling now. I like using the Laughing Cow cinnamon spread and white cheddar spread on the toaster squares and bagel thins.

  4. @Sarah- there is an opaque model so you can't see inside :)

    I really wish the Kitchen safe was freezer safe. I need it for Ice Cream in a bad way.

  5. I just looked online and they do have a white one you can't see inside. Plus they show the great idea of locking up kids video controllers, perfect for when they are on an electronics "break".

  6. Love your blog and that kitchen safe needs to be in my house a.s.a.p. My fear would be that I would take out more than I should before I lock it back up again : /

  7. I really need one of those safes! I have no problems in the morning either, but for whatever reason, in the afternoon I want to eat constantly! This might work for me, too.

  8. Not pathetic at all Katie. I could use two or three of those safes! I used your "Easier to make ONE decision at the grocery store than have to decide over and over again at home whether or not to have some," idea at the grocery store yesterday. I wanted some almond bark dipped pretzels from the bakery so badly. I found some almond bark from last Christmas in my pantry several weeks ago, and it was about to expire. I had some pretzels, so made the dipped pretzels myself. Between my son and I (and he is trying to reduce too!) we ate them all in one day. So I decided NOT to buy any at the store yesterday and now they're not in my cupboard, tempting me. I made one GOOD choice to avoid many bad choices later at home! Great idea!

  9. Nah, not pathetic! It's using tools available to you to keep your weight off. It's harder to keep it off than it was to lose it, at least it is for me.

  10. I seriously cannot buy nutella, I will eat it all and am not even sorry. The safe is so awesome.


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