June 04, 2013


We've had a few gorgeous spring days in a row here! Yesterday, I met up with Jessica for coffee in the late morning, and we chatted for a while. I deliberately wore my running clothes there, so that on the way home, I could find a spot to park and get in my four-mile easy run.

By the time I left, it was about 12:15, and I was starving. Normally, I eat lunch at around 11. But I wanted to get in my run before going home, so I stopped and parked along the same route I did for my long run on Thursday. My goal pace for an easy run is 8:55-9:53/mi, so that's what I was aiming for.

Despite the fact that it was the middle of the day in June, it wasn't miserably hot. It felt pretty good, actually! I did a lollipop route that I guessed was about four miles (I was off by a half mile in the end). Once I reached four miles, I just stopped my Garmin and enjoyed a nice walk back to the car.

I've realized recently that I really like running in the late morning/early afternoon, because it curbs my appetite for the rest of the day. For some reason, I find it much easier to stay on track with my eating when I exercise later (versus exercising first thing in the morning).

Today, I worked on a project all morning, and at noon, my stomach started growling. I knew I was doing speed work today, so I definitely didn't want to do that on a full stomach. I was really dreading it, because, well, speed work is HARD.

I decided to do 400-meter repeats instead of 800's today. (If you're not a numbers nerd like me, you can just skip the down the page a little ;)). When training for a marathon, 400's are pretty useless, but since I'm not trying to improve my marathon time, I figured I would just do 400's because I like them better. The goal was to do eight repeats, completing each one in 1:43-1:49 (6:52-7:16/mi pace).

I set my Garmin to do intervals--0.25 miles active and then 0.13 miles recovery. Instead of watching Netflix (it's too hard to watch TV while doing a tough speed workout), I just cranked up the radio really loud. I set the treadmill at 8.7 mph (a 6:53 pace) for my active intervals. After the first interval, I set the treadmill at 3.0 mph in order to walk; but changed my mind after a minute and set it to 5.5 mph for a slow jog between the active intervals.

After doing 800's for months, running the 400's was so refreshing! It was still a tough workout, but it goes by so much faster. Regardless, I was glad to be done!

Looks like I ran a lot further than 3 miles, doesn't it? ;) The only problem with doing intervals on the treadmill is the time it takes to adjust from one speed to another. I changed the speed as soon as I saw that I was getting close to the next interval, and that way I wouldn't waste half of the time waiting for the speed to pick up. But I like the intervals on the treadmill better than outside, because I don't have to constantly check to see if I'm on pace.  My heart rate graph looked pretty cool:

Because the weather has been so nice this week, I'm thinking I may change my 10K race this week to the 10-Miler instead. I have a 10-mile run on the schedule this weekend anyway, so I could just call it my long run. I wasn't planning to try to PR or anything, no matter what distance I do, so it looks like I may just change it.

Last year, I wore a hula skirt, lei, and seashell bra over my running clothes for this race. I don't think I'm going to dress up again this year, though. It was kind of a pain to run in that stuff! This race is SO much fun, though; one of the funnest races I've been to.

I feel like I'm saying this every Tuesday now, but this week has been a mess for me, and I want to get and stay focused when my PointsPlus reset tomorrow. I'm finishing this week 120 PointsPlus over my maximum. I do good for a couple of days, and then have a day where I just use the "But it's summer!" excuse.

I have my annual gynecologist appointment next week, so that is helping to keep me on track right now. I think at this time last year, I was up to about 150 pounds. It would be nice to go in there and be in my goal range (under 135). I'm trying to think of a reward of some sort to give myself if I don't go over my PointsPlus next week. Not food, though.

I was thinking I might put $20 in a jar for every week I don't go over my PointsPlus and use it to travel somewhere for a race when I have enough money. I feel like I'm finally over my fear of flying enough to want to go places. Maybe if I put the money jar on the kitchen counter, along with a picture of where I want to go, it will keep me from using the "But it's summer!" excuse? :)


  1. Hi Katie! I love reading your blog! You are such an inspiration! I have been reading your blog for years now and I know that you've had an issue with flying for a long time. So I think it is wonderful that you are overcoming it. I am terrified to fly. I have flown four different times and each time it only gets worse. The last time I flew was last week and I swore I would never do it again, but I really don't want my fear to hold me back from experiencing new places. My question to you is, what have you done that you feel has helped you to overcome your fear of flying??


  2. That sounds like a really cool reward idea... I might just steal it!

  3. I can't imagine running at that speed..I'd go flying off the treadmill. :) I also find that when I run later in the morning (which I often do in winter when it's super cold) that I am on track with eating better. The feeling of getting it out of the way first thing is such a good feeling though. I've found that when I try to run in the evening, I never do as well. It's like I have no energy left at the end of the day. Summer is SUCH a hard time to stay on track with food. My kids always ask for ice cream, and that's a trigger food for me, so we can't keep much of it in the house. Do you ever feel like you'll get to a point where you won't count points or calories? People ask me, and really, I think I will have to (at least most of the time) forever. Sometimes I feel kind of resentful of "normal" people who can eat whatever and not think about it.

  4. Hi =) not sure about your treadmill but the one I use has an "interval" setting where you enter your active and recovery speeds. It means you can switch between them by just pressing one button! Might be worth looking into =)

  5. Wow, that interval session sounds tough.

  6. Are you doing the Kona Run? I'm pacing in the 10K. I was hoping to pace in the 10 mile but was assigned the 10K. I saw the shirt they are giving out and it is very cool; I may even run the race in it!
    It's good that you are keeping track even when you go way over your points target; I know how hard it is to write a negative sign in the book but I do think it helps to get back on track. I also just read your post from yesterday and I think that planning ahead really helps so I am glad that you said that you have written out a plan.
    Summer at goal!!!!

  7. Holy cow. Those are some fast intervals. Might be time to be thinking BQ time. I'll be at packet pickup volunteering on Friday 3-7pm and then running the 10 mile. Also one of my favorite races. Fourth year for me - I've never done any races that many times.

  8. I know exactly what you mean, working out in the AM vs PM. When I work out in the AM, it seems that I am actually MORE hungry during the rest of the day.

  9. I love the $20 in a jar idea. I think I might try that too!

  10. I am back and forth on exercise in the morning or evening. I like to get it over with, but it does seem to trigger my appetite. But in the evening it can hold off my binging, but I wind up skipping it because things come up or too tired or...insert excuse.
    It looks like you have a really good heart rate recovery!
    I find summer to be so difficult to stay on track. I am finding already that my weight is starting to creep up. It's not the workouts (those are almost a habit), it's the extra treats sneaking in.
    I like the idea of some sort of reward system. I need that visual reminder, but I might have to go with even smaller increments of a daily amount, and if I do good on a weekend, that would be worth a lot more, as those days are my weakest. I find weekends can wind up being a free-for-all.

  11. Great idea for a reward, Katie! I may have to borrow that one.

  12. I am doing the Kona race as well this weekend, first time running it but I have heard it's a lot of fun! I am going to keep an eye open for you :)

  13. Running in the morning is nice because I am not worn out by the day, but I have also found it leaves me hungry all day. Gets the engine started early and you want fuel!

    The jar idea is a good motivational tool! Whenever I'm thinking of traveling somewhere I'm always looking at races. I don't think I'll ever do the "all 50 states" thing but it would be fun to run in a new place!

  14. I love the idea of a race jar for staying OP! I might do one myself ;)

  15. Putting money in a jar is a great idea. Hmm I may give that a shot. I admit I really enjoy the bonus treat every week so I might have to alternate between money in the jar and a treat. I'm weird but I really enjoy a treat I worked hard to earn and often it helps stop the urge to binge


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