June 17, 2013

Motivational Monday #20

Wow, can you believe this is the 20th post of Motivational Mondays? I love getting your MM emails throughout the week; sometimes it's just what I need to get through a weak moment! The moment I am most proud of this week is definitely the fact that I stuck to my food plan yesterday at my parents' house. Instead of caving at the sight of fried fish and potatoes (and not to mention dessert), I ate the meal I'd brought along with me.

Unfortunately, I tend to have a few good days in a row, and then one bad day that negates all the good I did--which is getting SUPER frustrating for me! The scale isn't going back down, so I really need to get it together and stop having the sporadic bad eating days. But I am still proud of the fact that I am NOT giving up; I'm barely holding on by the skin of my teeth, but I AM holding on ;)

Let's see what you've been up to this week...

Just 12 weeks ago, Jen was (in her words) "pretty sedentary". She started a No Boundaries 5K program from her local Fleet Feet store, and followed the training plan. Well, it certainly paid off--she just ran not one; not two; but THREE races in one week! Two 5K's and a 3.5 mile race. She's lost 40 pounds now, but says she doesn't run just for the weight loss benefits anymore. She has truly fallen in love with the sport.

Next in line for Jen? Between now and October, she has: a mud run, a 30-mile bike ride for cancer research, two 5K's, a 10K, and a half-marathon on the schedule. I'd say she's anything BUT sedentary now!

Lyda, a self-proclaimed wimp when it comes to running in outdoors when the weather isn't ideal, ran a 5K race in the pouring rain! She says she probably would have left before the race started (due to the rain), but she saw a runner friend of hers; she didn't want to wimp out when her friend knew she was there ;) The race turned out to be a great experience!

Katie completed her very first 5K race! She had set a goal for herself of 1:05, but she finished in 54:47, crushing her goal. (You can read her race recap on her blog.)

Laura was thrilled to finally run a sub-10:00 mile! She started running when she was 42 pounds heavier and was completing a mile in about 15 minutes. Her next goal is a sub-30:00 5K! (You can read about it on her blog)

I've seen a lot of before and after photos, but I have to admit, I was STUNNED when I saw these photos! Chelsea just celebrated her two-year anniversary of her new healthy lifestyle. She's lost 115 pounds (maintaining for seven months and counting), and has become a runner. In addition to her anniversary, she completed her first half-marathon on Saturday--in an amazing time, too! She had a goal to finish under two hours, and she finished in 1:57. (You can read her race recap on her blog). 

After watching Elyse complete several 5K races, her niece and nephew were inspired to run their first kid race! Mya was very scared to run (I know just how that is, because my boys were the same way), but she had a blast; and her brother did great, too. The kids were excited to hang up their medals and bibs right next to their aunt's :)

Jenn bought a brand new hybrid bike, despite the fact that she hadn't ridden in about 20 years! She said at first, she was nervous and a bit shaky, but she's been practicing and getting better. She usually does a 4-6 mile route, but last week, got the idea to try for 8-9 miles instead. She mapped it out so that she could head home at mile 6 if she needed to, but in the end, she actually pushed the extra mile and completed 10 miles! She said it was so much fun that she's mapping out a 15-mile course next.

Don't forget to check out more on the Facebook post!


  1. I LOVE that you post these! I hope you don't mind, but one I day I think I might borrow your idea to feature readers' achievements on some kind of regular basis. It's so inspiring to see them all!

  2. I look forward to 9pm every night for your new blog post! I was THRILLED and blown away you included my story on your blog! THANK YOU! I plan on starting my own weight loss/fitness blog. My current blog (which I've not posted on in a few months) was centered around our struggle with infertility, and I tried to transition it over but it just never felt right. I feel a new blog is in order - a new blog for a new focus!

  3. I love these stories!! They are all so inspiring--and Chelsea's picture really IS amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  4. Thanks for featuring me, Katie! These are great stories this week. Chelsea looks amazing and I can't wait to dive in and read her blog!

  5. Thanks for sharing my story - it's great to be included with such a motivational group of people!

  6. I saw Chelsea on reddit; I love that she follows your blog, too! What a small world!

  7. Love reading all these positive posts every week!

  8. I love reading these every Monday! They make me realize I can do whatever I set my mind to if I just try. All the stories each week seem to be just what I need.

  9. Chelsea looks awesome! Thanks for another great blog!

  10. For 18 days I ate perfectly, then this past Sunday (Father's Day) I indulged in a big brunch and a big dinner, plus dessert. I feel like I've gained back all the wait I worked so hard to lose during those 18 days. It is also that time of the month, so I am really hoping it's just water retention and I will be back to normal next week. Ugh, so frustrating but I just wanted to let you know I feel the same way sometimes.

  11. Oh my God!! I was SUPER impressed with Chelsea's transformation! Good Job! You look great!


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