June 03, 2013

Motivational Monday #18

Motivational Monday always comes around at just the right time when I need some motivation most! I'm getting really frustrated with myself and the way I've been eating. I keep having this "but it's summer!" attitude, which turns into eating way too much. I'm already over my weekly PointsPlus by 98 this week. My weight was scary-high this morning, so I wrote out my food plan for the next few days, and I'm determined to stick with it.

June 21st is the first day of summer, and I REALLY want to start and end the summer at my goal weight--breaking the cycle of gaining all summer only to lose it again in the fall, which is the pattern I tend to follow. So that means I have 18 days to be at 133, which won't be hard at all if I just stop going over my PointsPlus!

But anyway, after reading all of your inspiring stories today, I'm feeling super motivated. I hope you all find this motivating as well...

Allyson just ran her first marathon! Her story is a little hard to condense down, so I'll just copy and paste this from her e-mail:
"When I graduated college 2 years ago a few friends and I went to Disney world as a graduation present to ourselves. When I got back I was amazed and saddened to see how I looked in the photos. I guess I was willfully blind to how much weight I'd gained in college. I'd always been on the bigger side but looking at the pictures from our vacation it was very clear to me how significant my weight gain was. Even so, it took me another 6 months to do something about it. For my new years resolution in 2012, I decided to try an run a 5K. My first foray into running was very similar to yours. I would go out and run as far as I could, usually to the nearest mailbox, and then walk. I trained for 2 months and on an utterly freezing, subzero Valentines day, I ran my first 5K.

I ran with two friends who were big runners and managed to convince me to join them in running a half-marathon in just 4 short months. I trained my butt off and managed to, very miserably, complete my first half just 6 months after I took my first runner's step out the door. It didn't take me long to decided I wanted to try for a full. I decided to do the Minneapolis Marathon in June 2013 and a year and a half after beginning my running career with a simple New Year's Resolution I finished my first marathon. This morning I ran the Minneapolis Marathon in 4:37:49, blowing away my sub-5 goal. In the process I've lost 50lbs and gained a love of being active in any way possible. I'm not sure what's next for me on the horizon but I'm excited for whatever's to come!"

After losing nearly 100 pounds, Amy just ran her first half-marathon! She's been running for about two years, and says this was the greatest race experience she's had. (Here is Amy's blog).

Jen went to her niece's birthday party, and did something she never imagined she could do 90 pounds ago--she put on a pair of rollerblades and skated! She says she hadn't skated since middle school.

After running her first 5K race a couple of weeks ago, Jen signed up for another, hoping to PR with a time under 43 minutes. When she came around the final corner of the race, she saw the finishing clock hadn't yet turned over to 40 minutes--so she sprinted down the finisher's chute and cross the finish line in 39:12!

One year ago, Jessica started the Couch to 5K program in order to run a 5K race in the fall. After completing a few 5K's, she upped the ante and registered for a 20K, and ran the race this weekend! (20K is about 12.43 miles--I just Googled it out of curiosity). She finished in 2:07:46, and her husband and boys were there to cheer her on. She says it was one of the most amazing experiences of her life, ranking up there with the birth of her children.

Kali (on left in photo) just ran her first 5K! And she did it with Kim, her best friend of 21 years, by her side. Kali's training runs have been at about a 14:30 pace, so she was ecstatic when she finished the race in 41:08 (a 13:01 average pace)!

Sherry and her daughter, Danielle, just joined Weight Watchers together, each with a goal of losing 100 pounds! To kick off their healthy new lifestyle, the pair went for a two-mile walk. (I love that her cat joined in on the picture!)

Deana is a proud mama to Henry, and wanted to share his accomplishment. Henry recently participated in a Recess Running Club, and logged miles for a total of seven weeks. He ran a total for 46 miles, and was in the top 10 of the entire elementary school for most miles run. Oh, and did I mention Henry is only in the first grade?!  He even joined Deana and some of her friends for a 5K training walk, and he paced them through it. ;)  (Here is Deana's blog)

My friend Stephanie ran her first half-marathon! She was originally going to run the Martian Half-Marathon in April (the one that I PR'd). I had actually chosen to run that race because it would be Steph's first half, and I wanted to see her finish! But a couple of weeks out from the race, she injured her knee, and had to make the tough decision to do what was best for her body--sit the race out. But she'd put in so much training, and decided (once her knee healed) to try again. Yesterday, she did it! She finished in 2:16:16 :)

Jill has had a very exciting week! She hit the halfway point in her weight loss journey, going from 330 to 240 at her most recent weigh in. She also won the grand prize in a DietBet that she participated in with some friends, hosted by Hannah and Olivia from The Biggest Loser. She won a week at The Biggest Loser Resort in Chicago, for herself and a friend! Jill is very excited to reach the 200-lb mark, and has a strong binge-free streak going :)

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  1. Love the before & afters; they don't look like the same persons!! Good job to all of them!

  2. I'm loving Motivational Monday! I just found your blog a few weeks ago. These posts really help me get excited for my week. Thanks!

  3. Love this! I just LOVE looking at before/after pics. I totally meant to send you something for this because last week I reached the 160s, but I forgot. (thanks for commenting on my blog post!) Plus, you've put me on there a couple times already and I don't want you to think I am trying to hog your blog. :)

  4. Gosh I love these stories. Every one of them puts a smile on my face, every week! Thank you SO much for including me this week!! :D

  5. AnonymousJune 04, 2013

    I love reading all the success stories!! WE all need a little motivation. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. VERY motivational. I'm trying so hard to get my mojo back and lose these extra pounds AGAIN! I've only put back on about 15 of the almost 190 lbs. I lost, but still, it's frustrating, and I want to stop seeing the numbers on the scale go UP UP UP! I'm thinking of ordering a fitbit. I know you like your activelink thingie from Weight Watchers. I'm thinking a fitbit might motivate me like your's does with you. If I set a goal everyday, maybe seeing that fitbit register the numbers might inspire me to work harder to hit that goal every day. What do you think?

  7. When you say you're writing a food plan, do you mean that you're writing out specifically what you plan to eat for how many ever days? Or is it more of general rules? I'm struggling with eating well right now, too, and I'm not sure what way to try to do better.

    1. I just write out a menu of what I'm going to eat, and figure out the PointsPlus in it, so that I'm not prowling around the kitchen looking for something to eat all day long! ;) When I have it planned out, I'm more likely to stay on track. I don't always stick to what I've written, though--if something else sounds good, I'll swap it out. The plan is really just a suggested menu, I guess you could say.

    2. Makes sense. In the past, when I've tried to plan, even just a day, it seems like it falls apart for me!

  8. One day I will send you my picture! Just wait and see! :D

  9. Love this post each week! It was very timely for me as well! Thanks so much and congrats to all those who were featured!!!

  10. I needed this today....I too am having a "but it's summer" moment (well - month) and I've put back on the 11 pounds I lost in April. But every moment is another chance to be on plan, right?

  11. Wow - great motivational.
    The most inspiriting I thought was Jill losing 90 pounds is amazing.

  12. YAY!!! My girl Jill on your MM post :) And Steph looks awesome!! My favorite blog entry to look forward to every week!! Thanks for compiling and sharing some KILLER motivation and inspiration for us all, Katie!

  13. Congrats to everyone on their great accomplishments! Especially to Jill, HOW EXCITING to win that trip! Congrats again!

    Katie - when are you going to host a DietBet!? ;)


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