June 24, 2013

Motivational Monday #21

I hope everyone's summer is off to a great start! This bet I have going with my sister has been SO helpful in keeping me on track all week. I've been staying binge-free, eating within my PointsPlus budget, and even counting my little bites, licks and tastes (which I'm usually not very good about doing...)

Yesterday, I was craving a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in sprinkles, and I had enough PointsPlus to get one, so Eli and I went up to the ice cream shop. They had a sign saying that they had fat-free/sugar-free vanilla ice cream, so I decided to try that.

It turned out to be a horrible choice--I was so disappointed when I tasted it! I'm used to McDonald's soft serve, which is really creamy and good; but this stuff was totally bland and gritty. Normally, I would have eaten it anyway, because I already paid for it and because I planned to spend my PointsPlus on it; but I realized it really just wasn't worth it, so I threw it away.

That was really hard for me to do! But I was proud of myself for not eating something just because it was there and I had paid for it; it didn't taste good, so I threw it away.

This will be another short (but certainly motivating) Motivational Monday, since I didn't get many MM e-mails this week. I hope that means everyone is keeping super busy and active! ;)

Amy ran a tough half-marathon on Sunday, of which even the announcer was saying that it wasn't a good day for a PR--the course was hilly, without a lot of shade, and it was a hot, humid day. Amy's goal was a sub-2:00 finish, and she finished in 1:59:22! That's 14 minutes faster than when she ran this race as her first half-marathon three years ago.

On this day exactly two years ago, Cat decided to change her life. She started by making changes with her diet, and eventually started exercising. She had a dream in her mind to become a runner, and started the Couch to 5K program. After finishing her 5K, she was hooked! Over the last two years, Cat has run over 20 races, including 4 half-marathons and even a full-marathon. She's also down 75 pounds!

Claudia ran her first 5K race, and is very proud of her 32:50 finish time! Over the last year, she has lost 55 pounds with Weight Watchers, and working out with kettlebells. (Here is Claudia's blog)

Desiree hit a huge milestone this week--she reached ONEderland! She has lost a total of 45 pounds so far, and was thrilled to get under the 200 pounds mark. She also hit a nice running goal--she ran a 14-minute mile, and when she started, she was running a 17-minute mile!

Don't forget to check out the Motivational Monday Facebook post for more stories!


  1. Good job, everyone!!
    The before & afters are great; they don't look like the same person!!

  2. My facebook comment made it on todays MM! If you check out my profile picture it is my 3 year old little girl who ran her first kids k last Saturday. She is the reason I run, it makes me proud that she asks me to run with her & that she enjoys it so much!

  3. Katie thank you so much for posting this! Now I just wish I would have just smiled in my current pic!
    Thanks everyone!

  4. Oh my gosh, you guys look amazing! Great job everyone. You keep me motivated!

  5. I love Motivational Mondays on your blog.


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