August 17, 2011

RECIPE: Vegetarian Fried Rice

This is a super easy and cheap meal that I like to make when I have leftover rice!

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Vegetarian Fried Rice

2 tsp. sesame oil
1 tsp. canola oil
1/2 tsp. ginger
1/2 tsp. garlic
1 carrot, peeled and shredded
1 small green pepper, diced
4 oz. mushrooms, sliced (or 1 can, drained)
4 servings cooked rice (about 3 cups)
1 cup of frozen peas
3 Tbsp. soy sauce
2 eggs, beaten
black pepper to taste

Heat the oil in a wok or deep skillet over medium-high heat, and add the ginger, garlic, carrot, pepper, and mushrooms. Cook for a couple of minutes, stirring constantly to avoid burning the garlic.

Add the rice, peas, and soy sauce and stir to combine.

Move everything to the side of the skillet, and pour eggs onto the other side (add more canola oil if necessary). Cook until eggs are scrambled, and stir into rice mixture. Makes 4 servings.

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