February 07, 2020

Cat Traps!

I completely forgot to publish my post yesterday!

I'm super bummed, because I had a great streak going. However, for right now, I'm just going to post some photos and I'll count it as yesterday's post. And then later today, I'll post what I wrote yesterday (I want to update a few things on it first.)

I'd set my 2020 goal for my blog to be to write a post every single day, even if it was wordless and just had a picture. So, I'm bummed that I forgot to click "publish" yesterday; but, since it was written, I'm still going to count it. I'm just going to backdate this post to yesterday's date.

Anyway, as any cat lover knows, it's very easy to "trap" a cat--cats LOVE boxes (or any container, really). And since we order things from Amazon once in a while probably twice a week, we get quite a few boxes delivered. It's like the cats can smell the cardboard or something, because they come running and immediately get in the boxes.

They do the same thing with paper bags from the grocery store. Gift boxes. Gift bags. Baskets. Laundry hampers. And pretty much any container they see. I don't always take pictures, but here are some pictures from over the last 10 years--and 99% of them are of Estelle. She's a tortie, and torties are the most curious cats ever! Here are some of my favorites:

Finally, here is a funny video of Estelle and Chandler:


  1. Love the photos! We have three cats (siblings), and you're definitely right about them getting into any kind of container. One of them, appropriately named Rascal, doesn't quite understand if the hole/entrance is too small for him, so he'll keep working until he forces at least his head in, which leads to a lot of him walking around with bag handles around his neck and stuff like that.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Cats certaintly are such characters!

  3. Hilarious how they look sort of defiant but embarrassed when it doesn't exactly work out.

  4. Best post ever. And it totally counts!

  5. That tortie is just gorgeous! Makes me really want one!

  6. I'm not sure what is funnier, how many places Estelle decides to lay in, or how many times you've taken pictures of it. :D


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