February 17, 2020

The One Where Joey Gets His Own Blog Post

Jerry was off work today and the kids didn't have school; so, we decided to have a family day. I'm going to keep this post short because we are going to play a new board game.

Since I recently shared a bunch of pictures of the cats, I thought I'd let Joey have his turn in the limelight.

Joey is our black labrador/chow chow mix that we adopted from the local animal shelter in 2015, when he was about 18 months old. (Jerry and I are "cat people", but we both agree that Joey is the best dog we could ask for--he's amazing. We wanted the boys to grow up with a dog.)

Interesting fact: Black dogs are less likely to get adopted from shelters because they aren't as photogenic as other dogs.

It's true! Joey isn't as photogenic. When we had a dark brown couch, you could barely see anything but his two eyes while he was lying on it. But he's SUCH a sweet dog and has been a huge blessing in our lives. If you're thinking about getting a dog, PLEASE get one from a shelter... and consider getting a "less desirable" black dog. We couldn't ask for a better dog. Truly!

(Joey got his name from Joey Tribbiani from Friends, the TV show. Jerry and I are huge Friends fans, and we have named all of our pets after Friends characters. If you're not familiar with the show, all of the names of the episodes started with "The One Where..." which is why I named this post the way I did.)

And maybe you'll see from the pictures that he's more photogenic than he gets credit for ;)

First, here is a before and after photo of when we adopted him from the shelter. What a huge difference, right?!

Before telling him he's a "good boy"...

And after telling him he's a "good boy"...

Joey Tribbiani's "smell the fart" acting... (Friends reference)

These photos are ones that Noah took to practice his photography...

(Noah started an Instagram account for his photography if you'd like to support him--he'd be thrilled! He's @noahphotography.jpg on Instagram. I'm so happy that he found a good hobby, and I hope he continues with it!)

Well, that's our Joey! He's such a "people dog", always wanting to be doing whatever we are doing. He allows the cats to take charge of the household and he no longer goes after squirrels because he's learned that they are our friends, not food ;)  He loves walks and treats and going along in the car whenever we go somewhere!


  1. Oh my, I just love Joey! He is so adorable! My sister has a shiba inu/chow chow mix and I can totally see the chow in his face after being around my sisters dog so much! Color didn't matter to me either when we adopted our dog. Our girl ended up being golden in color but it was her personality that drew us in! I'm so happy Joey has the best home with you guys!!

  2. Joey is one lucky boy! He's sweat and so lovable. We paid $250.00 for our black lab. We got her from a puppy mill, but we new nothing about all of the poor dogs they euthanize every single day, especially big black dogs. She's almost 13 and has a lot of trouble walking. She acts so happy though like she has no idea there's anything wrong. We rescued another dog and the two sisters are very bonded and spoiled.

  3. Love! Thanks for the heads up about Noah's Instagram, his photos are beautiful! Following.

  4. Joey is adorable! I love his pictures. I have 3 black greyhounds (and lost a black greyhound in 2017) and they are certainly hard to photograph! Maybe one day Noah can offer his photography services to families with dogs since he seems to capture such good pictures. Nice side gig, too.

  5. Joey is adorable! Thank you for posting such fantastic pictures of him. I love animals so this was fun to read.

  6. Awww, what a sweet boy! We also adopted a black lab mix two years ago when she was five months old. Her name is Kali and she is the SWEETEST dog. Thank you for recommending shelter dogs. They make the best family members!

  7. Love all the pics! I think it's great that even though you're not a 'dog' person, you got one for your boys to grow up with. I'm not a cat person....but I love seeing pics and hearing about your cats! Animals are great! I'll certainly check out and follow Noah's pics on IG.

  8. Joey is SO adorable! Shelter dogs are near and dear to my heart. I spend most weekends volunteering with the dogs at the local animal shelter, and we adopted our huge, lovable pit bull from the shelter. Thank you for advocating for shelter dogs. They truly are the best!

  9. Such a handsome boy! He sure looks so much happier in the after photos, I'm sure he's so glad you adopted him!

  10. Such great photos! Noah's are great... he has a great eye. I love that all of your pets have "Friends" names.


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