February 26, 2020

First Week Back on Weight Watchers

Last week, I wrote about starting Weight Watchers again (not going to meetings or doing it online or anything--just following the PointsPlus Points plan that I did several years ago). I was ready to change something up because I just wasn't sticking with calorie counting, and I really want to drop these extra pounds I've picked up.

I also wrote out a 33-week training plan to get ready for the Detroit Half Marathon in October. My friend Adam and I are going to run it together, and rather than jump right into a running plan, I'm starting from the very bottom as far as training goes. I decided to drag it out because it's 33 weeks away, and I feel like I will enjoy it more this way.

I decided to do my Six-Month Half Marathon Plan for Beginners (which will be seven weeks from now). That plan starts out super easy--it's for people who haven't yet started running. So, my plan is to start now by just walking three times a week for the first seven weeks, and then start the training plan... as if I was a true beginner.

Anyway, I'm going to call this past week "Week 0" as far as Weight Watchers. It was hard to get back into the routine of counting points! I did manage to count PointsPlus for four days out of seven. The weekend was super busy and I didn't plan ahead, so I didn't do great.

However, I got my Weight Watchers materials in the mail a couple of days ago (I ordered them on eBay) and I started a 12-week tracking book today. The materials I got are great! Not only the tracker, but look at all this stuff:

Not pictured is the WW PointsPlus calculator that came with it, too. (I know I can use an app, but I really want to go old school with a paper journal and calculator.)

I really like the "Success Handbook" and "Find Your Fingerprint" books--I'd never seen those before. They're actually workbooks about the mental side of losing weight. It'll take me forever to actually read through them, but I had no idea that they existed when I was doing the plan before.

Anyway, it was fun to get the materials (I had all of this stuff before--except for those books--and it was kind of nostalgic looking through it).

Today, I spent some time calculating PointsPlus for the dinners I plan to make this week. Planning it out ahead of time was crucial when I was doing WW before. When days are busy and hectic, knowing what I'm going to cook and how many PP it's going to be makes the plan much less stressful.

SO, I'll consider last week a warm-up for this week ;)  I counted four days, which is four more than I counted in who knows how long. So it was semi-successful.

Also, I actually did start my walking plan this week. I LOVE that there is no pressure as far as pace or heart rate or anything like that. Just simply walking 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I even printed out my plan on orange paper and stuck it on the fridge so that it glares at me.

The weather has been really mild this winter, and lately, it's been getting into the 40's and even 50's. On Monday, I took Eli to get new shoes and a haircut, and then we went to pick up Noah from school. We got there way too early, and had 35 minutes to kill.

Eli stayed in the car to play a game on his phone, but I took the opportunity to walk around the college campus for 30 minutes. I wasn't prepared--I was wearing jeans and boots (soft boots), but it didn't matter because I didn't need a Garmin or heart rate monitor or anything to just walk for 30 minutes.

So, I set the timer on my phone and I started walking. I walked a fairly brisk pace, but again--that wasn't my focus. I felt so... free? I'm not sure what the word is for how it felt. It was just really nice to go for an impromptu walk without an agenda.

Late last night, it started snowing. And it hasn't stopped since! The kids' schools were canceled today, but I have no idea why because the roads were totally fine. It was warm outside, and the snow was melting as soon as it hit the pavement (but it was sticking to the grass and trees).

It's the only kind of snow that I really like--when it's warm enough outside to not have to bundle up, and the snow is super light and feathery. It sticks to the trees and looks beautiful, but it doesn't cause the roads to be slippery.

I decided to take Joey for a walk at around 10:00 this morning. We walked to my parents' house and back (which is two miles round trip when I take a certain route) so even though I wasn't keeping track of the time, I am sure it was at least 30 minutes. I wasn't cruising, so I know I didn't do 15-minute miles; probably more like 17 or 18. Again, it's nice not to know!

Joey was thrilled to run around in the snow (we stopped at my parents' house, so I let him off leash for a few minutes).

I've been in a lot of pain today--all of my joints are aching. This happens to me once in a while, and I hate it. I told my doctor about it, and he said it could be from the change in weather--the barometric pressure or something. I started paying attention to when it happens, and I think he might be right! (As crazy as it sounds.)

I've noticed that whenever we have a relatively dramatic shift in temperatures (like the 50 degree temps to all the snow today), my whole body hurts. Today was really bad. Other than my walk, I had a pretty lazy day, watching a couple of documentaries. I'm hoping I can get some sleep tonight. I just can't get comfortable!


  1. The "whole body aching" (especially joints) phenomenon is something my friend with fibromyalgia suffers from when there is a change in barometric pressure. Barometric pressure/weather changes can and do also trigger migraines.

  2. Good luck continuing on WW! When we get big temp changes I get a terrible headache that lasts for a few days

  3. Hi from the U.P. of Michigan! You go Katie! This winter has been very hard on my mental health. After I ran the Chicago Marathon in October, my mental health kinda tanked, the "what do I do with my life now after the marathon" depression set in. But lately I've just been getting back to just walking my dog with no pace or agenda and its been helping my anxiety. I wish you so much success on WW. You are an awesome person an a total inspiration to so many!!!

  4. What a lovely snow picture!


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