April 06, 2011

Nothing short of a miracle

I'm in AWE that I actually made it through the day without a binge! Seriously. I was so mad at the scale this morning that I just wanted to say 'eff it' and eat a bunch of junk. I really thought about it. I even went to Kroger for a couple of things we needed and was thisclose to buying cookies or cake or something.

 Then later, I decided to go to Target for some new pj's (and to kill some time away from home, so I wouldn't be tempted to eat!) Well, Target is in the mall and so is Mrs. Fields, and you know my love affair with cookies + frosting.

Again, I was super duper tempted, but I didn't do it!

THEN, I really DID say "eff it" and decided I was going to buy a monster cookie. For my new readers, THIS is a monster cookie:

Two sugar cookies with a fuckload of buttercream frosting. They should seriously be illegal. Anyway, I went to the store to buy one, pulled into the parking lot, and then used EVERY OUNCE OF MY WILLPOWER to turn around and go home. I did! I'm not lying!

If I don't see some serious progress on the scale soon, however, I may not be so strong. I reeeeally need to reach my goal by the end of June.

I did buy some new pj's today, which made me feel good about myself--because they are a size small. I haven't tried on new clothes in a while because I just feel crappy about the 10 pounds I'd gained back.

Yesterday, my husband mentioned how when I was fat, I wore his 2X-3X t-shirts to sleep in, and I always used to say that if I ever lost the weight, I'd wear cute nighties. And I did wear them, for a little while. But lately, since I've been feeling fat, I started wearing his (now size large) t-shirts again. So I bought 3 cute nighties to wear, and a robe to throw over them when I wake up.

I can remember going to Target 2 years ago and trying on clothes--all the XXL things I tried on were TOO SMALL. Now I'm wearing a freaking size SMALL. It's just so hard for me to wrap my head around it. I keep thinking "Okay, they just made the clothes a lot bigger and labeled them smaller." (Yes, I really do think like this)

Even my jeans--I wear size 4 jeans, and I have literally 15 different brands of jeans in size 4. I have to do all the different brands just so I actually believe that I'm a size 4. If I had just one or two brands, I would assume that they were just vanity sized. But I can't argue with 15 different brands, can I?

It's really messed up how much weight loss screws up your mentality.

Today's food log:

bran flakes with blueberries and almond milk (127)
2 cups coffee with 1 Tbsp. cream (25)

turkey sandwich with cheese and mustard (223)
apple (81)

homemade vegetarian fried rice (292)

pineapple fluff (181)
chocolate vitatop with cool whip (160)
popcorn (225)

none scheduled today (but my long run is tomorrow! I'm dreading it--9 miles!)

Total calories eaten: 1314


  1. WTG Willpower!!!!......if you didn't have any you wouldn't be where you are at, at this moment....stop being so hard on yourself......you are doing amazing...btw that cookie looks DISGUSTING...lol ;)

  2. I randomly found your OD a few weeks ago and read a little about your journey. I wanted to tell you that I think what you've done is amazing and I wish my mom had done what you've done when I was younger. She was recently threatened with type II diabetes and had bariatric surgery to help her lose weight. Luckily she is doing pretty well with losing weight now and is loving her new body just like you are. Also, as a girl who HATES running, you've inspired me to start and STICK WITH IT this time and I am hoping to run my first 5K my the end of the summer. Stick with it, Katie - you're beautiful!

  3. Congrats on staying binge free!

    BTW That monster cookie looks like the devil in-frosting-carnate ;)

  4. WOW--that's great. I always TRY to tell myself that I HAVE THE POWER to decide what goes in my mouth. It is in MY control. But sometimes I ignore that voice of reason and eat it anyway. You didn't! WAY TO GO!

  5. Wow. I am really amazed at this!! I love your blog and im so glad i stumbled upon it through pinterest!! I'm probably 140ish and only 22, 23 in a few short days... i REALLY want to start exercising ............diet to follow after my willpower is in high gear. I was doing the insanity work out but it was just too insane doing it in my living room.. I'm not fat.. but im chubbier than ive ever been after having my son in 2008. i was 121 when i got pregnant i think i got up to 170 and when i had him- from breast feeding i dropped 30lbs but shortly after the breastfeeding stopped (after only a month of doing it) the lbs started accruing again. . I want to run.. i want to do cardio.. i want to do weights.. i just dont stick with it!! I wish i had as many friends as you do to work out with or run with. I think that you're lucky you have all those people to help and support you!! Good luck!

  6. I wish I had that kind of willpower! And the monster cookie is also my weakness. By I get it, eat it, then feel horrible....every time. I know this was a long time ago for you, but 2 years later your willpower is helping me!

  7. 2 weeks ago I was going shopping (which i hate) and my friend made me buy new shorts while we were out. Apparently mine (size 12) were falling right off, they were I can't blame her for saying something, but the fact I was wearing shorts at all was big for me. We were in American Eagle, a store I had never even stepped into before let alone tried on clothes and of course their sizes are 27,29, 30 etc. I eventually found a pair that fit, up until this point I had believed I was a size 6/8... I had all 8's except a few hand me down 6's which just started fitting me so I figured maybe these were the equivalent to a 6. Then the store person came over and was chatty and I made fun of the sizes and she was like "it's easy, like those shorts your getting, it's just the same as a size 4 like you normally wear" my jaw dropped! I made my friend put up with me trying on size 4 pants at every store we went in to because i didn't believe it! not all fit but I'm definitely a size 4/6 now. It's still hard to believe, I went from an obese child in kids clothing of size large and xl straight into teen and adult clothing in the double digits. It's crazy how much the tiniest reality can really make you stop and think.


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