April 05, 2011

Holy sodium!

I do NOT have high hopes for my Wednesday weigh-in tomorrow. This morning my weight was UP even though I've been counting calories--I was bummed. Then I looked at my food log from yesterday and saw that I consumed 3500+ mg of sodium yesterday. Good grief!
Ever since I fainted, I haven't been watching my sodium intake at all, because my doctor actually told me to eat MORE sodium (I have extremely low blood pressure, and that was a concern when I fainted). I'm taking it easy on the sodium today and drinking tons of water in the hopes that I will see at least a small loss tomorrow.

As I mentioned yesterday, my husband was off work today. I really wasn't in the mood to run today. My half-marathon training has a scheduled 3 mile run OR cross training today, so I decided not to run. After we dropped off Eli at preschool, we went to the State Park for a walk. We walked 3 miles, pretty slowly to enjoy the scenery and take lots of pictures. Most of our pictures were goofy, fooling around-type pics, and it was a fun walk.

Even though it is still very early Spring, the scenery was pretty:

We saw a few interesting things along the way... I think this was a dam of some sort.

These steps were terrifying--it was really windy and I honestly felt like I was going to blow away! I think this is for bird watching or just a scenic lookout maybe?

We tried to get a good picture of us both--that is hard to do when you have no one to take the picture!

Of course my husband would have gum in his mouth!

I still hate the way my chin and jawline looks in pictures. The side where the titanium plate is sticks out more. And it's not swollen, it just looks lopsided now. Oh! Speaking of the titanium plate, I asked for my dental x-rays when I went to the dentist last month. You can see the plate and screws--it looks kind of cool ;)

And in case you're wondering, yes--they will set off metal detectors at the airport.

My food log for today:

oatmeal with cinnamon (150)

1/2 bagel with cashew butter (234)
apple (81)

Chicken Paprikash (429)
asparagus (26)

Vitatop with cool whip and PB2 (205)
fruit bar (65)
2 cups fresh pineapple (152)

3 mile walk (+210)

Total Calories Eaten: 1343

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  1. Do you get stopped by security every time because of the titanium in your jaw/mouth? Do you have to have a note from your doctor or some kind of proof, or do they just believe you when you tell them? Sorry for so many comments today, I'm not feeling great so I'm just sitting here reading and resting!


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