April 19, 2011

Sugar will be the death of me

It started so innocently. I was doing GREAT on this no-sugar thing, and feeling really good; not having many cravings. For a snack, I quartered an apple, spread with natural peanut butter, and topped with granola. As soon as I was done with it, I instantly wanted something else--something sweet. I hadn't had a thought like that since before I gave up sugar, so I thought it was weird. Then it hit me.


The whole time I was preparing my snack, then eating it, it never even crossed my mind. It's funny that it had such an effect on my cravings, too--I instantly was craving something sweet after eating the granola. And then, being the all-or-nothing person I am, I decided "What the hell... might as well eat sweets today."  I had a (large) Reese blizzard from an ice cream shop, and then I made cookie dough and ate way too much of it.

I was SO TIRED afterward. I went to bed at 10ish. At around 11:15, I woke up and I was sweating horribly. My heart was racing so fast and hard. I stood up to get some water and got really nauseous and hot. Exactly how I felt before I fainted in November. I hurriedly got some water then went back to bed to lie down in case I actually fainted. It was like I could FEEL the sugar rushing through my veins. I woke up my husband and told him I thought I was going to die from an overdose of sugar. It sounds ridiculous, but I honestly FELT like that. It was awful!

I couldn't sleep at all after that. I so badly wanted that sugar out of my system. You know how when you're drunk and ready to go to bed, how you just feel so sick and you want the alcohol OUT of you?? (Again, maybe that's just me! lol)  That's how I felt about the sugar.

So I'm back to total detox mode--no sugar whatsoever. I'm terrified that sugar is going to kill me one day.

Anyways. I was NOT HAPPY to find THIS when I looked out the window yesterday:

Snow!! In mid-April!  I had a 5-mile run scheduled, and decided to do it on the dreadmill. I HATE the dreadmill (obviously, since I've renamed it 'dreadmill' from 'treadmill'). It is so boring! After 3 miles, I called it quits.

Today, I am supposed to do 5 miles again--and it's cold and rainy. I'm hoping it clears up by this afternoon, so I can do it then. We leave for Tennessee on Friday--we're vacationing there with my parents, my sister, and my two brothers at a cabin in Pigeon Forge. I'm hoping to do as little running as possible in the hills of TN, but if the weather doesn't let me run much this week, then I'll be stuck doing it on vacation.

I tried a new oatmeal recipe this morning. I modified this recipe a little. It had me at "cookie dough for breakfast"  :)  Instead of using stevia, however, I threw 3 dates in the food processor with the oats. I'm not a fan of stevia.

I omitted the nutritional yeast (don't have any) and the cinnamon (I don't like cinnamon + chocolate together), and I used 1/2 ounce Baker's unsweetened chocolate. The whole concoction was pretty good! If you make it expecting it to taste like actual cookie dough, it doesn't. But it's pretty good, and has a doughy taste.

I'll probably update later with a food log. I really ought to do it EVERY day, to hold myself accountable.


  1. I have the same reaction to sugar -- tired, waking up sweating etc... Ugh! It's so hard to give up though :(

  2. Hey! I am so glad that you are writing! It would be SO FREAKING awesome if you could get in the magazine! What a great story you have! You can do it and I love that you are writing it all down here. I love SUGAR also! OMG! I can feel an overdose running through my veins also. I left you a message at the "other place" about Weight Watchers. Just wanted your input. I am running a 10 miler on Saturday. I am already nervous!

  3. GO KATIE GO! Can't believe that darned granola got you going like that--I'm the same way. After something sweet, I want something else sweet, and so on and so on. Best not to eat it at all. But every once in a while I have a 50 cal. square of dark Lindt chocolate--it's such a treat. A big bar of chocolate will last me for weeks, I try to hide it and not think about it, because as soon as I spy it--I want some! I wish it wasn't so hard! DANG--now I'm thinking about a piece of that chocolate! Good thing I'm at work!!

  4. You and me both UGH!!!! After a diet coke this am I was craving sweet at the grocery (TOM). So what do I do, buy easter candy corns for "the kids". I've already had 350 cal worth today. ARGH!!!! The crash is coming, I can feel it. I'm off to hide the rest of it before I eat it! Good luck and hope you get your run in.


  5. Sugar really doesn't affect me like that but I think that's because I'm desensitized to it. When I was in jr high and high school my best friend and I would drink an entire case (24 pack) of regular Mt Dew between the 2 of us. And my dr wondered why my diabetes was so horrible!

    Now I can't stand Mt Dew and I rarely crave sugar. If I crave anything sweet it's usually ice cream so I try to keep that out of my house! :)


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