April 15, 2011

Mr. Slim Katie

I made it through the first day of being sugar free, and I am quite surprised at how well I did. I expected it to be extremely difficult and my cravings to be overwhelming, but the cravings were only mild and only out of habit (my usual after-dinner dessert). I'll try and run through all that I ate yesterday:

Green Monster
coffee with cream

bread with almond butter
apple with sea salt
Spicy Carrot Bisque (I really need to post the recipe for this--it's SO good!)

mahi mahi cooked in coconut oil
sweet potato fries (again, cooked in coconut oil--the combo of the coconut oil & sweet potato was AWESOME)

carrots with guacamole (the Wholly Guacamole doesn't have sugar--thank goodness!)
3 prunes and 3 dates (my "dessert")
handful of almonds

Ran 10 miles!

Not too bad! As you can see, I'm still eating sugar, just not refined sugar. I'm still eating the natural sugars found in fruit/veggies. The only real physical difference I noticed yesterday was that I wasn't extremely tired in the evening. Normally, when I eat a lot of sugar, I experience the sugar "crash" that has me practically asleep on the couch.

My runner's knee flared up after my 10-mile run yesterday, and it's been KILLING me ever since. Trying to fall asleep last night was bad. And every time I woke up during the night, it would be throbbing. This morning, I said no WAY am I running today--and then I ended up running 5 miles anyway. The funny thing is, the only time my knee stops hurting is when I'm running (after the first mile or so). I'm going to rest it all weekend and hopefully it'll be okay again until after my 11-miler on Thursday.

On my last entry, someone asked about my husband's support during my weight loss. I am very fortunate to have an AMAZING husband who supports everything I do. I'm really surprised that I even found someone willing to marry me, because I am probably the bossiest person you'll ever meet. I like to be the one calling the shots and making decisions. My husband is the total opposite of me. He is extremely laid back, and just goes with the flow of things. I think that's why we've been able to be (happily) married for the past 8 years.

When I decided to start losing weight, Jerry (that's my husband) wasn't really interested in doing it along with me, but he definitely lost weight "by default" as he likes to say. I was cooking healthier and I got rid of all the junk food in the house, so he didn't really have a choice ;)  I know that a lot of husbands would not be willing to change their lifestyles for the sake of their wives, but again, I'm super lucky to have Jerry.

He cares more about my happiness than he does eating pizza and ice cream four times a week. He never pressured me to "splurge" or have something "just this once". He never ate things in front of me that he knows I love. Eventually, he set some weight loss goals too, and now he really enjoys our healthy lifestyle. (He's lost almost 80 pounds now).

I imagine it would be very difficult to have a spouse that is not supportive of your quest to lose weight or get healthy. If that was the situation, I guess I would just try to make the most of what I was working with.

I'd give my husband his own cupboard for his junk so that I wouldn't have to see it. I would cook healthy meals and maybe add a not-so-healthy side item to full-fill his need. If he wanted to order out, I would probably make my own meal to eat while he ate restaurant food. I would definitely NOT let him stop me from reaching my goals, however. It might make life more difficult with an unsupportive spouse, but it can be done if you make a plan.


  1. First: PLEASE post the spicy carrot bisque recipe! It sounds so good! Please!

    Second: Sweet potato fries in coconut oil... nomnomnom... and actually GOOD for you! Nom.

    Third: I LOVE YOU (as much as I can, having never met you - no worries, I'm not a stalker!) - you are just so cute and funny and inspiring! Love reading your posts, they are fantastic. Just thought I'd say that. Haha!

    After dinner, when I crave something sweet, I started making tea. I'll make a Vanilla-Hazelnut Herbal Tea (tastes like a liquid cookie!) or have apple cinnamon tea, etc. I stay away from dried fruits when I'm trying to lose weight (I find it hard to stop at 3 prunes... haha!) and the tea gives me that sweet/spice flavor, and fills me up - and really is the only thing to quell that need for sugar (beside something sweet). You might try that! It definitely works for me.

  2. My husband Dan is exactly like Jerry, and I am the bossy one....I totally wear the pants in my household. My husband has also been supportive of my weight loss and has so far lost 30lbs himself since I have started my new lifestyle. Keep up the great work, and watch that knee....your way to young to start having problems with that.
    Good luck with the no sugar thing, you seem to be doing just fine....
    and finally thanks for all your great comments on my blog, they sure help!!!

  3. I almost think it would be easier to do this with your spouse/significant other. Then there is someone to push you when you need to be pushed. I'm doing it on my own and I don't have anyone pushing me on the days where I just don't want to get out of bed. I'm glad he's so supportive of you! :)

    ~Let's Walk, OK

  4. And that's supposed to be OD, not OK. Lol! :)

    ~Let's Walk


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