April 15, 2023

Reader Mail

I received this email from a reader named Linda, and I thought it was amazing--I just had to share it! (With permission, of course.)

Katie, I am a long time reader of your blog, since about 2011. Had to show you this pic of my husband, Kirby, who just completed his 40,000th mile of running/walking today.

He began running in 1976. He's run four marathons, race-walked in one marathon and one half-marathon. He doesn't compete anymore, but at age 75 he does still walk 6-8 miles three days a week, then a longer walk of 8-10 miles on Saturdays. We live in Louisiana where it gets miserably hot in the summer & he still walks!

This makes me so happy--it reminds me of Floyd, the man that I've seen walking while I'm out running once in a while; he walks every single day, and he always has a kind greeting for me! A HUGE congrats to Kirby--that's such an amazing accomplishment and that smile says it all :)


  1. What an inspiring story. Health really is everything & this gentleman proves you can be active at any age.

  2. That's awesome! Good job, Kirby!

  3. Splendid! WTG, Kirby. Thanks for sharing this.


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