April 03, 2023

Photo Week, Day 7 of 7: New York (and maybe St. Louis?)

Jerry and I are going on vacation for a week (well, I say "vacation", but we're really just taking care of my sister's dogs at her house in Rockford, Illinois. This will be the longest we've been away since 2014 when we took a family vacation to Punta Cana!

To truly take a break from reality, I'm going to do something a little different this week. I've had a daily post streak going since January 1, 2020, and I really don't want to break that! So, I thought it might be fun to do a travel theme for each day and share some pictures from different trips I've been on. Each day will have a theme based on the location of the trip.

I'm preparing these posts ahead of time so I won't have to even open my computer while I'm gone. (I can still approve comments from my phone, though.) And hopefully when I get home, I'll have some good stuff to share :) 

I've been to New York a lot of times in my life (maybe eight?) and most of them were blog-related. I was there for The Dr. Oz Show, Purina's Better With Pets Summits, and as a speaker on a panel for BlogHer. (I also went to St. Louis for Better With Pets as well as The True Nature of Cats--it's hard to remember which is which when looking through the photos, and I'll have to figure it out another time. So, some of these may be in St. Louis.) But here goes... (in no particular order)

This was 1998 when I took a trip to New York with my friend Shannon's family. Here were are at Lake Placid, but we traveled to several different locations (including NYC)

This was actually in 2002, when I was a counselor at Camp Shane--a "fat camp".

Purina made Joey is own dog food

Making blankets for the animal shelter

The Twin Towers memorial--it was breathtaking

On the ferry to Staten Island

First time on a subway

My friend Mike who lives in NYC. He's getting married in October and we're hoping to save up the money to go!

Mike is a musician (super talented!) and he teaches piano lessons. The family in this (six-million dollar!) apartment was kind enough to let me sit in on their son's lesson.

Better With Pets had a kitten room. Yes, that's right. A room full of kittens!!

Recording the voiceover for my segment on The Dr. Oz Show

Arrival in NYC in 2011 for The Dr. Oz Show

This man did my make-up and I adored him

And this man did my hair--he was SO sweet!

And... the famous (or infamous?) Dr. Oz where I was a guest for his 400th episode

Arriving home from my Dr. Oz segment and the boys gave me flowers <3

My "friend group" during the Better with Pets Summits--fantastic people! I REALLY wish Purina would continue their summits--I learned so much at them and became a much better pet owner. Just ask my pets ;)

I have a full page of travel adventures--way too many to list this week--and they can be found here.

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  1. It's amazing to me that you don't look nervous on the Dr. Oz show! You look like a natural. (I'm avoiding the "infamous" issue 'cuz oof. What happened to him?)


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