April 29, 2023

Impromptu Photo Session

Today, Eli was supposed to have two baseball games and then his girlfriend's prom right after--a very full day. It rained all day yesterday and the fields were too wet to play, so his games were canceled. I was kind of relieved because he would have been cutting it close to get ready for prom, and I wanted his girlfriend's prom to be stress-free.

She and her friends wanted to take prom photos at the Toledo Botanical Garden. About five minutes before I left, I asked Noah if he'd like to come with me since he wasn't doing anything tonight. I was happy when he said yes. He drove us down to Toledo, where we met up with Eli and Ava (and friends).

I took a ton of photos of Eli and Ava, and Noah and I were looking around, talking about how some of the backdrops would make for super cheesy photos. (There were SO many people around, taking pictures for prom and weddings. I didn't realize it was a hot spot for photography.)

I told Noah that we should totally do a "senior photo" session. He graduates on Friday and we didn't get any traditional senior photos of him; he insisted he didn't want them. Noah and I both agree that posed photos are cheesy, and I completely understand why he didn't want them. But I made him promise me that we'd get some fun candid photos one day this year.

While we were at the Botanical Garden, I saw it as the perfect photo opportunity for the cringy posed senior photos. We had a blast with it! We walked around looking for the cheesy photo ops, and even tried recreating a photo that I know I had for a senior photo (I'll have to see if I can dig it out).

Anyway, here are some of the photos. I love how they turned out! I'm glad Noah was a good sport and didn't mind embarrassing himself ;)

I actually truly love this photo, despite that it's posed!

We laughed so hard at this one!

And here are a couple of Eli and Ava's prom photos...

Ava's dress was gorgeous and I loved how it looked against the blossoms on this tree.

And my very favorite... of course:

My kids are so grown up! I wish I could just freeze time for a while. 🥰


  1. I actually think the photos you took of Noah came out really great. And man, does he look like his father!!

  2. I have to agree with Jessica. Cheesy or not, the Noah photos are fabulous. That close-up of him looking so pensive would be the perfect poet/author photo! And wow is Ava's dress gorgeous. That shot of them with the tree - boom. Your boys (young men) are so handsome. Not a surprise as you and Jerry are very photogenic. The boys didn't fall far from the tree.

  3. Really cute/fun pics all around! I'm glad Noah agreed to let you take some "senior" pics--they turned out great, and posed or not, you'll be glad to have them. The prom pics are sweet, too!

  4. Omg! They are SO grown up!! These are beautiful pictures!! Ava's dress is gorgeous, I love that she went with such a fun color!


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