April 07, 2023

Change of Race Plans

Jerry and I have been working on our "cat room" (a.k.a. our bedroom that we have basically turned over to the cats, haha) all day long and when I started looking through pictures just now for Friday Night Photos, I realized it was going to take a very long time to put the post together. Jerry made beans and greens for dinner yesterday (my comfort food--he felt bad that I've been having a rough week) so I'm going to eat some leftovers and then we're going to relax after a tiring afternoon.

Anyway, I'm going to do my "Friday" night photos tomorrow. Sometime between Eli's double header baseball game and getting together with Nathan. (Yes, our race is tomorrow--and we've decided not to do it. I was willing to go and do my best, but Nathan said he's been working a ton lately--he's a lineman for an electric company, working crazy hours--and hasn't run much either; we decided to meet up for coffee or Eli's games or something like that instead.) The next time I say I'm going to do a race, please stop me--that's probably three races I've signed up for and not done!

Today is actually Nathan's birthday (and Becky's!) so I'll just post a couple of pics with them...

Becky, Nathan, and me in Portland (I think 2015?)

And just for fun, here is an old picture of Nathan and me:

This was probably 1985 or 1986

Okay, tomorrow I'll do my Friday Night Photos--have a great weekend!


  1. Glad to hear you made the right decision for you! Hugs always.

  2. Sometimes it helps to just do the race even if you aren't trained for it. It's a good way to work on following through with your goals. Your goal would just be to get through the 10K. You could walk run or run slow or whatever and just enjoy being there and finishing. It might remind you of why you liked running and help you get started running again. It seems you get stuck in patterns of not doing things if they aren't going to be "perfect" or the way you envisioned them to be. It's sort of the same thing as the emails. Just get started on them. It doesn't have to all get finished or be perfect. It might be easier than you think if you quickly scroll through and decide what really needs responses and what you can just ignore and move on. Doing something to make progress on any goal would probably feel like a relief instead of giving you a constant sense of failure. Just something to think about for next time.

    1. My least favorite thing ever is the unwanted advice, just something to think about, and nobody has ever walked a race instead of running it. That is an idea people never imagined. I have to deal with my husbands best friends wife, and she gives me unwanted advise. Drives me insane!!!!! So Katie, just in case you have never even thought about such a thing, you can walk in the race instead of running it. Good thing your getting advise.

    2. Katie has a public blog so people are going to comment. I was trying to be helpful since she mentioned thar this was the 3rd race that this has happened and it is kind of a waste of their hard earned money. Kate's a grown woman so I'm pretty sure she can read well meaning advice and discard it or think about whether it might work for her.

    3. Was she giving you advice? Katie is an adult, she can stand up for herself if she feels the need to.

      And I have walked races before, because I wanted to support the sponsors and I am not a runner. I wasn't there to win or set a PR or whatever. Just to enjoy a nice day and support some people I cared about.


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